Lamentable Nights: Act 02 - "Welcome to Pebbleton"

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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by Pictor »

Date: 2 Jun, Wednesday
Time: around 8:30 PM
Weather: Clear
Location: White Waters
PC: Jacket, Mirto
NPC: Lanette Hindfell


"Decadence of the Bourgeois... uh... okay? A Look Into Modern Psychology... Introduction into Astrophysics... Maaaan! What the hell is all this junk?" Jacket slid the gigantic volume back among its peers, which was no easy task considering his tiny size. If there was anything Mirto had plenty of, it was books. Shelf after shelf, all meticulously categorized by genre and alphabetical order. From encyclopedias to scientific journals to all kinds of fictions... there was just no end to it all! "But... where are all the comics and stuff?"

Of course, if anything had to be missing, it'd be the fun stuff. He could hear it now...

[Comics and cartoons are so childish! They can't even be considered literature... there's no way I'd keep those around.]

"... Yea, something like that."

Jacket leapt from the edge of the bookshelf and dove onto the bed. Burying his face into the soft, puffy covers, the Stray groaned in frustration. He was completely bored out of his mind! All day, he'd been stuck in this room. After Mirto had left to check on her returning uncle, she only came back once, and that was just to warn him to stay put again. There was only so much snooping around he could do... without treading into dangerous territory, that is. A laptop was also present on a desk in the corner of the room, but of course Mirto had set a password on it. He wasn't too disappointed though; the only things he anticipated were boring essays anyway. Jacket was almost certain the girl would be the type to compose dozen-page articles for "fun".

"Ungh... I guess I could always... crack one of these open..."

Rolling off the mattress and plopping onto the floor, Jacket made his way to the nonfiction section of the nearby bookshelf. It was arguably the smallest portion of Mirto's amassed bounty, occupying only a single row on the shelf.

"Huh... let's see here... Mmmm..." The Stray dragged his tiny hands along the spines of each book. As he suspected, the majority were girly romance novels, or slice-of-life's. "Geez, this isn't even real fiction. Where's the cool stuff?"

Ask, and ye shall receive. For as soon as our little ghost uttered those words, a particular entry caught his eye.

"Casket of the Fiend Prince..." Jacket wasn't sure why it grabbed his attention so. Perhaps it had to do with the magnificently embossed, golden titling on the book's spine. Slipping his hands between the spaces of the neighboring novels, Jacket yanked out his selection and laid it on the floor. The cover of the book was nothing special... just the same golden lettering on a red background. On the bottom corner was a star-shaped advertisement sticker. "The long-anticipated prequel to the critically acclaimed The Irony of Demon Overlords."

It was the strangest sensation. As Jacket stood over the thick volume, he couldn't help but feel overcome by nostalgia.

"I... I've seen this book before." The Stray was almost certain. But where and when? Jacket couldn't say he had very much time to sit down with a book during the past few months. "... I wonder who wrote this." The cover gave no indication of the author, so perhaps the inside flaps?

*clomp clomp clomp clomp--*

Suddenly, the sound of multiplying footsteps reverberated across the floor.

"Whuh oh!" Judging from the ruckus, there was more than one set of feet, which meant it was time for him to disappear! Grabbing the heavy novel, Jacket pushed with all his might and quickly slid it under the bed before following suit.


The bedroom door flew open, and sure enough, two people sauntered in. From under the draping covers, Jacket could tell that one of them was Mirto... but the other...?

"...Hahaha... alright, Auntie... yes... yes, I know!"


After addressing her nagging folks, Mirto quickly closed the door behind her. Leaning against the wall, Mirto released her signature sigh. Looking haplessly back at her companion, she slumped her shoulders in defeat.

"Well... make yourself at home, then."

"Uuu.. sorry, I didn't meant to..." From under the bed, Jacket nearly popped a brain vessel... or would have if he had any left. That voice...

"N-No way... it couldn't be..." Above ground, Mirto let out another sigh.

"No... it's fine, it's not your fault, I guess. My aunt and uncle are always like thi-"

"UGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" The two girls looked down to see a tiny imp-like creature gripping onto the bedsheets in sheer terror "WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE?!"

"Oh boy." Reaching down, Mirto plucked the horrified Jacket off the floor, but the Stray clung tightly onto the bed for dear life.

"LEMME GO, YOU TRAITOR! HOW COULD YOU?! I THOUGHT WE WERE PARTNERS! RAAARRGRRRRRR" The squealing Jacket kicked and squirmed and growled desperately like some sort of trapped animal, but in his current state he was no match for the might of his Crosser. Tearing him from his tether, Mirto dropped him on her palm and leveled him up in front of Lanette.

"Well, miss hero, now's your chance." As he sat in Mirto's hands, Jacket crossed his arms and pouted despairingly.

"Hmph... Fine, go ahead. Do your worst. I've been betrayed... I've lost all will to live. Not that I'm alive to begin with..." Lanette stared at the creature sitting in Mirto's hands.

"...T-That's him?"

"He's learned a new trick... but yea, it's him alright." Lanette gulped, then taking a deep breath, swung her head in a quick bow before the tiny Stray.

"P-Please forgive me!"

"... Yea, just go ahead an- Uh, whuh?"

"Uh... Um... I didn't know... I really thought you were a Blight all along... I mean, you gave off the same trails a Blight and everything, so how was I supposed to know?! A-Anyway... I'm sorry for everything, okay? Just... sorry. Sorry... sorry..." The more Lanette went on, the more it began to sound like she was on the verge of tears. Jacket was simply dumbstruck. Half his mind was still attempting to piece the situation together.

"She came here to apologize, Jacket. That's all. Way to make a big mess of things." Jacket started blankly back and forth between the two girls.

"... Well?"

"Wait just a damned minute. She busted my body, chased my ass halfway across the country, and was arguably responsible for the vast majority of shitty things that have happened to me... and you expect it all to be okay with a simply apology?" Mirto simply shrugged and said nothing. Scratching his head awkwardly, Jacket glanced over to the pitiful Lanette, head still bowed. She was wiping at her eyes now, and it was quite obvious that she was mustering every ounce of dignity left to maintain the posture. Between the barely audible whimpering of his former tormentor, and Mirto's subtly disapproving glare, Jacket was trapped between a rock and a hard place. Long had he been falsely accused of being a villain... but it was the first time that he actually felt like one.

"O-Okay! Okay. Don't do that anymore, it's making be feel horrible. I, uh, accept your apology alright? Just don't cry anymore. Please."

Raising her head, Lanette brushed away her linger tears against her sleeve, sniffling as she did.

"I-I wasn't crying!" Walking over to her desk, Mirto dropped Mini-Jacket onto its surface before collapsing into the chair.

"There, see? We can all get along now, right? Glad that nonsense is over."

After a brief moment of silence between the three individuals, Lanette slowly scooted towards the door.

"I...uh... guess I'll go and grab my stuff now..."

"Yea... I suppose. Don't get lost on the way back." Nodding apprehensively, the girl opened the door and darted out of the room.

"Uh, why's she going to grab her stuff?"

"Because, after learning that she's currently living alone, my aunt and uncle very kindly suggested that she spend a night here! 'It'll be like a sleep over~!' they said. 'Just like family~!' they said." Sprawling herself onto her table, Mirto nonchalantly reached and and lightly flicked her Stray across the forward, sending him tumbling on his rear.


"Yeeeap... I hope you like sleepovers, Jacket."
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by marcien »

ouch, my poor pet hikkikomori-chan.

Date: 2 Jun, Wednesday
Time: 2202
Weather: Windy
Location: Block 43 → 33 Renfield Road
PC: Z. Redmist
Other PCs: Martin Chang
NPCs: Noco Sue-Berry

Redmist hated human contact. Be it Hailey or not, someone touching him was never a good thing. Despite his struggle, his left cheek received a blow that stung. It knocked the walls of his cheeks against his teeth so hard they got scratched, and Redmist tasted blood.

What the hell... How dare you... How dare you hit my--

Redmist clenched his fists so tight that he was afraid that his nails would tear his glove. No, calm down, there is no point in loosing my temper here... He brought his right hand up to level with his mouth, and breathed deeply.

"Yes, I did call you that."

"And you even mentioned a 'birthright'. Consider yourself lucky; it's either a full explanation from you... or another slap. Your choice."

Redmist could barely hold back a chuckle. You're pretty audacious, aren't you, human? Fool. He sighed.

"A concealer is a crosser who is able to hide their ether stream from other ether-sensitive beings. You must have inherited that trait from an ancestor of yours."

Such a long sentence he spoke. His tongue prodded the raw wound on his cheek wall. It hurts. He swallowed the blood.

"I have nothing else to say. I will be taking my leave now."

-- -- -- -- --

Redmist arrived at the gate to Panzer City Digamma at 33 Renfield Road, on time.

Noco Berry was already there, seated at a table fishing with her teabag. "And to think, I came here early because I thought you would be." She then noticed Redmist covering a swollen left cheek with his palm.

"I knew I should've made Hailey come along: she'll love this."

"Don't talk to me about that bird."
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by AYC »

Date: June 2, Wednesday
Time: 9:00 pm, Night
Weather: Clear
Location: White Waters Condominium
PCs: Mirto, Jacket
NPCs: Lanette

Mirto's glad that she's managed to reach the end of the day in one piece. Although it hasn't been quite as ridiculous and crazy as yesterday was, today was certainly... odd, and definitely not of her usual pace. She plowed through three finals in an hour and half, ran halfway across town, had to hide Jacket from her Uncle, and finally ended up having dinner with an entirely unexpected guest.

Ugh... Well, at least she didn't get chased around by a Blight again today, though, that doesn't mean she hadn't gotten herself in her fair share of trouble and life-reducing moments throughout the day either. Like... for instance, the fact that she had downright failed to hide even mini-Jacket from her Uncle when he had demanded entry into her room after she had thought that she had managed to get him on his way back to work. Turns out she had been horribly, horribly wrong.

Or had completely forgotten that everyone could see Jacket's ether. Honestly, she couldn't exactly blame her Uncle for thinking all the ether her Stray buddy had emitted from his transformation was smoke... coming from... her bedroom window. Of course anyone would have a panic attack if there was the slightest possibility that his niece was possibly experimenting with deadly chemicals in her room and had a little explosion.

Er. Yeah. Right.

Still, Mirto can't put her Uncle at fault for worrying and getting her into the most awkward conversation afterwards. Despite all of that though, she had managed to improvise successfully, and... at least mini-Jacket can be passed off to her relatives as a toy she had won from a crane game at the arcade. Ha ha...

Personally, she'd rather avoid it though, ugh. Mainly because Mirto is well aware that parading mini-Jacket around in front of said aunt and uncle is going to bring up that same awkward conversation again - just thinking about it makes her cringe. Not to mention that Jacket - who had witnessed the whole exchange - would have a very hard time keeping a straight face should it ever happen.

Mirto visibly shudders at the thought. Mini-Jacket briefly spares her a disinterested glance before continuing his march along her shelves of books, occasionally stopping to examine the spine of an interesting looking title.

Or lack of interesting titles.

"For the host of a sleepover, you don't seem to have much to do here. Look at all these books! You barely have anything interesting to read, and nothing else to do!"

She rolls her eyes, and leans over to survey the shelf he's pointing at. "Are you talking about these?"

"I know you're a girl and all, but I only found one cool book out of all the fiction books you have here!" Jacket pulls a face of repulsion at one particularly sappy title.

Mirto gives him a blank stare, and responds flatly, "That's because those are the books I've received from my aunt and uncle as gifts. I've only read them like once, and that's... just one time too many, ugh. Trust me."

Surely enough, upon closer inspection there does seem to be a thin layer of dust gathering on top of the brightly colored books. Compared to the books lining other shelves, they also seem to be lacking the same wear and tear the thicker volumes had...

"Still. Doesn't change the fact that all your books are boring! Where's the comics and interesting books, huh?"

"Please," Mirto replies airily, "I work at a library, Jacket, I can read all the fiction novels I want. I don't have to buy them when I can check them out and read them whenever I feel like it."

"... I guess you have a point there."

With a sigh, she drops onto the floor from her perch on the bed and pokes Jacket lightly on the side of the face. Despite the slightly dejected expression on his masked face, Mirto asks him casually, "Though, you mentioned that I only had one cool book. Which one were you talking about?"

"Hm? Oh, yeah!" With a leap, Jacket darts past her and under her bed, tugging out a thick, red and gold book. "This one!"

Mirto eyes the cover with some interest. "Oh, I remember this book, my parents sent it to me a few years ago." Then with some nostalgia, she adds quietly to herself, "In the end, mother and father know me best."

"Uh. Yeah. By the way... you wouldn't happen to know who wrote this book, would you?" Despite the usual, casual tone to his voice, Mirto is surprised at the slightly troubled expression on Jacket's face.

"Eh? Well, yes... it's - "

Before she can get the name out of her mouth however, a sudden knock and what sounds like a small stumble cuts her off.

"U-um! Excuse me!"

Stray and Crosser wisely decide to turn away when Lanette steps in a pair of bright colored pajamas, patterned with familiar, albeit mini, superheroes beating up their respective villains. Mirto manages to stifle her laugh with a sigh as she stands up and heads to her closet, while Jacket, on the other hand, is not so lucky and is forced to muffle his laughter into Mirto's puffy covers.

"W-what?! What's so funny?"

"Nothing to worry about." After some more digging around in the a small cupboard in the back of her closet, Mirto straightens up with a box in her arm, the outside depicting a sleek-looking game console.

"Hm... I don't think my aunt and uncle are going to bother us anymore tonight, so I think you can change back into your normal form now, Jacket. They'll probably be resting in their room now, anyway."

Jacket gives her a confused look when she tosses him a white-colored device covered with buttons. "Wait, what are you planning -?"

"And here you were saying that there was nothing cool to do in my room. It's obvious, isn't it?" With a small flourish, she flashes the cover of a thin case at him. "Ex-arch enemies or not, it doesn't matter. Let's play some Brawl."
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by marcien »

Date: 2 Jun, Wednesday
Time: Night
Weather: Windy
Location: Block 43?
PCs: Sophia (Oriole), M, Martin Chang

Other PCs: Redmist

When Sanae had gotten into the cab, M let out what seemed like the longest sigh ever.

"Is there something wrong, Mister Mad Hooder?"

"No, there's nothing wrong, Sophia... It's just that this two days have been sort of like a whirlwind for me..."

"We did meet a lot of people, didn't we?"

M nodded. Even though what Sophia said was not exactly what was bothering him, it was close.

"I wish Miss Sanae wasn't so afraid of us though. Ah, but Mister Redmist was pretty cool right?"

"Yea, an experienced crosser is a pretty different thing huh."

Not far from them, the "cool" crosser was waiting at the bus stop. He spat out some blood onto the ground. Bloody hell, that stinking incompetent ex-office worker, useless NEET... If I weren't in this state I would...

Eeek! Sophia ducked behind M and clutched at his hoodie. "So scary...!"

"What's the matter...? Oh, it's just Redmist. Hey." M noticed that he was covering a forming bruise on his cheek. "Huh? Did you get hurt?"

Redmist raised his head in acknowledgment of their presence. He nodded but did not say anything. Obviously! Blame that on your useless crosser! How dare he--

Sophia floated up to M's eye level and whispered into his ear, "I think he got into a fight with Mister Martin..."

"No way, Mister Grouchy hit you?" exclaimed M, ignoring Sophia's flustered hushing. "Why would he?"

Redmist ignored the strays. Damn accursed bird.

Sophia gasped. "Mister Martin was still angry about Madam Panzer kicking him!"

"What the hell, that is pretty damn childish," said M in mock-disbelief.

-- -- -- -- --

The bus arrived and Redmist boarded it. He sneaked a look at the two strays till the bus turned and they got out of sight.

I did not say anything to them... Don't tell me, that small stray... She can hear my thoughts...?

If he had any thoughts about paying Martin back for the slap, Redmist put them aside.

-- -- -- -- --

Martin was in a strange situation.

... and I thought Mister Martin got into a fight so we rushed here to see. But Mister Martin is all right! Why did you go and start a fight with Mister Redmist?! He was bleeding too!! He didn't hit you and you hit him! You are a bully!

He was getting lectured by a child, albeit an undead one. "Hold it, it was--"

"And after he came here to help you and Miss Sanae too! You are ungrateful! Meanie! Bad... bullying person! Not-nice... person-hitter! Big bad... mean bully! ..

M was enjoying the situation. (You have to admit, watching Sophia try to think of vocabulary to scold Martin with is amusing.)

"Oei, I told you--"

"Say sorry to him!"

"No fu--"

"Then as punishment, you will sleep alone tonight! I won't go home with you today!"

Martin was unsure of the expression he should be putting on now. What the hell...? M was now chuckling aloud.

Sophia had now distanced herself to several metres away. Her arms was folded, and she was frowning and pouting.

"Well then, the brat can come home whenever she feels like it," Martin pressed on the elevator button for the elevator doors to open and went in.
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by Pasonia »

Date: 2 June, Wednesday
Time: 11:00pm
Weather: Windy
Location: Martin's Home
PCs: Martin Chang, M
Other PCs: ???


"Home at last..."

Martin sighed out aloud. He's really going to be running on empty for quite a while, yet, because he made a promise to give three times the offerings to his parents, he went to purchase that much offerings anyway.

"So, what's the food for?"

Martin gazed back at M, who looked a teenager half stuck between disdain and piqued curiosity.

"It's a custom for us Chinese to buy physical foodstuffs for offerings to the departed."
"Right. Though, I don't know what for; it's just like that Panzer said, we don't eat or drink--"
"Don't. Talk. To. Me. About. Panzers."
"Hey, if you get a problem, don't blow your top at me."
"Ditto to that brat," spat Martin.
"That girl was in the company of a lot of Panzers, you know. I'd say you're pretty dense and all, still not comprehending the situation you ran yourself into."

Martin ignored M's comments, while he prepared the altar for his offerings. He threw two coins onto the floor, getting one head and one tail.

"Alright, they're here... I think they'd been waiting for a while already."

Who in the world...?
M scanned around lazily for any fellow Strays, but couldn't find any.

"Ma, Pa... thank you for watching over me yesterday," the goatee dude had begun as he bent slightly in a bow, causing M to cock one eye as he witnessed Martin apparently talking to air.

"Pa... I... am now becoming like you... Remember that time, when I told you to fund me for my trip to Japan to become a pro? You said no, you couldn't, and that I should do that for myself if I had wanted to, despite you knowing I don't want to do holiday jobs and the likes."

M smirked. Typical rebellious lazy youth grouch?

"I remembered you saying to ma loudly... 'That brat can come home whenever he likes!', and I... said the same to a little girl today. How mixed you must have been feeling when you said that..."

He's not happy at all chasing Sophia away, huh? Then why...

"I only thought of myself then, and how mean you were to me. Today, I realised I did the same, yet strangely I thought it was... necessary. I can't... put a finger to it. Life experiences... do comes around in very strange ways."

Martin then heaved a huge sigh, before placing his joss sticks into the ash urn. M noticed a glint of something in Martin's eyes, but the newly-minted Concealer quickly rubbed it away.

The smoke lingered around, somehow... as though it was feeding and healing the unknowns around Martin, thought M.

"Son... I'm glad you understood somehow..."

What on earth, this...?!

M scanned around again; that wasn't Martin speaking, for sure, but it sounded like Martin.
He turned to the door, where his back had been facing, and found an elderly ghost right behind himself, looking nearly like Martin.

M recalled that the difference between a ghost and a Stray was, obviously, the existence of Ether; other than that, ghosts are also aware of their former selves and are not subject at all to the torments of a Stray.

"What the? Who are---"
"Shh," signaled the figure. "Don't let him know I'm here, kid. I'm just glad he finally understood how I felt."

Understood... wait, how are you able to...?

"Don't tell him I'm here," smirked the ghost. "That lady from earlier left me a path, but it was my boy who opened the gates for me to see him. But, ha, I doubt they knew, I doubt they knew..."

Old Mister Chang pointed to the offerings. M noticed that there was something of a black-and-white swirl around the offerings, but couldn't make out at once what the swirl was about.

Still more, the ghost clearly mentioned a lady, which would mean no other person but Sanae.

So that Sanae has that sort of ability, huh... I wonder if she even knew she had this power. Wait, it'll have driven her mad by now if she did, won't it?

"Sigh... Other than watch him go through his passage of life, I cannot help him. Please, if you will, help my son go through his life as peacefully as possible."

Nuh-uh, I can't do that, old man...

"You will... help him... it is heaven's mandate, aye..."

Huh... what in the world did you mean---

The ghost then simply faded from sight, and while M was still trying to comprehend the situation, Martin turned the lights off.

"If it's your thing, go to sleep or something; it's getting really late. If there's a need, open the door for the brat when she comes back."

M could only voice something that vaguely resembles a response.
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by Johker »

(Hi everyone, this post contains ERRATIC WEATHER. It's windy from about 11:15 - 11:30 PM, then there's a thunderstorm from 11:30 - 11:45 PM and it becomes a light drizzle from 11:45 PM - 12:00 AM and it reverts back to just windy right after 12:00 AM. Please take note if you are writing a post in the same time frame as mine! I'm really sorry that it's really confusing and annoying. =/)

Date: 2 Jun, Wednesday
Time: 11:15 PM - 12:00 AM
Weather: Windy, followed by Thunderstorm
Location: Shinetail Bridge
PC: Cassius
Other PCs: Graciel (?), Sophia

~ ~ ~ ~

Cassius was upset with himself.

When a Panzer is posted to human grounds, one is expected to make the necessary arrangements before actually reporting to the area. Arrangements such as finding a place to stay or maybe finding possible places to get a part-time job as a cover. This especially held true for greenhorns like Cassius, since the HQ definitely did not have time to play nanny for all their agents and ensure they had the finest accommodations and best living conditions possible.

In Cassius's case, he'd forgotten to make any arrangements. Forgotten. To be more precise, he had planned to look into a place to stay, but on the day he scheduled for that to happen, he found his old collection of comic books and, oops, suddenly finding a place to stay slipped his mind completely.

Absolute genius.

So, Cassius was now walking about aimlessly at night, trying his best to keep warm. Even with his sweater on, the drafty winds chilled him to the bone. He was going to catch a cold at this rate.

"Atchoo," sneezed Cassius pathetically.

He started to berate himself for not realizing he'd forgotten something sooner. Graciel might have been able to help. Cassius had a brief flashback to earlier that day, when they parted their ways:

"Alright, Cassius. We've done all we need to do for today, so you should go back home and rest. Have a good night's sleep for tomorrow. We'll probably be just as busy as we were today," said Graciel.

"Yessir, Senior Graciel Sir! I will ensure that I have the best night's sleep ever! Goodbye!" replied Cassius. Then he turned away and started to walk towards home.

It took him three minutes to realize that, first, he had no idea where he was going and second, he had to home to walk towards to. By the time he ran back to find Graciel, he'd disappeared, most likely having teleported himself away. Cassius had no money, so a hotel room was out of the question, and he didn't know anyone that would just let him into their homes. In the end, Cassius decided to wander about town to find a nice spot he could lay down and rest just for the night.

Now, here he was at Shinetail bridge, shivering away.

I wonder, thought Cassius if I were to transform into a dog now, would it make any difference? With fur I should be pretty warm. But technically I wouldn't be wearing any clothes so it'd be cold. And I'd have a smaller body so I'd get colder even faster! This is really confusing...

As Cassius caught sight of the bridge, he decided that he would stop here; he was too tired to continue walking.

I'd always wanted to see what it was like under a bridge. Maybe if I'm lucky enough, I'll see a water imp coming out from the river! Water imps are really cool!!

Cassius found stacks of cardboard conveniently discarded under the bridge. Soon, he'd fashioned them into a makeshift place for him to rest. Cassius then transformed into his canine form, curled up and lay his head down to rest. Just as he closed his eyes, he sensed an ether trace. He bolted up from his sleeping position and exclaimed:

"Water imp! Show yourself! KAAAPPAAAAAA!! ...Atchoo."

"Eeek!" came the reply instead.

When Cassius looked up, he saw a wide-eyed girl with long gold hair fluttering about in the wind, her white sleeping shirt standing out in contrast to the dreary darkness of the night. On seeing Cassius, she broke into a smile. It was Sophia. Or, as Cassius liked to call her, Little Miss Oriole.

"Mister Cassius! It's you!"

"Ohhh! Hello, Little Miss Oriole, what are you doing here?"

A short explanation later, Cassius understood the situation.

"So, Mister Goatee Sir made you unhappy again, huh? But still, you shouldn't have run away! It's dangerous to be running about alone at night!"

Before Cassius could utter anything else, there was a growl in the distant sky. Cassius froze. He had been walking about without paying attention to the sky, which was now filled with dark, ominous clouds. Now, there was a thunderstorm brewing, and Cassius had no shelter of any sort.

"Mister Cassius? Are you okay?"

Cassius's voice shrank to a whisper. "T-thunderstorm brewing. We need to find shelter."

Just then, there was a flash of lightning, followed by a roar of thunder so loud, it seemed like the sky had split into two. Cassius placed his paws over his ears. He nearly went hysterical. The only thing that kept him from freaking out completely was the fact that Sophia was right in front of him. He decided that he needed to get the both of them somewhere safe and tried his best to regain his composure.

"L-little Miss Oriole, get on my back. I'll get us to a safe place."

Quickly, Sophia mounted Cassius and he sprinted as fast as he could to the nearest building: The Pebbleton public school. Squeezing his way under a hole in the gate, Cassius made it into the building, and it started to pour.

"Wow, Mister Cassius! We got here just in time. Any moment later and you'd have been drenched."

"Y-yeah," said Cassius half-heartedly. He now decided to transform into a human. It wasn't nice to be afraid of thunder and yet have the sensitive ears of a dog. Seated beside each other, Sophia turned to Cassius.

"Mister Cassius, you... are afraid of thunder, aren't you?" she asked curiously.


Another clap of thunder. Cassius curled up into a ball on the floor, squeezed his eyes shut, and cupped his hands over his ears. There was Sophia's answer.

"Ahhhn!!! P-please stop..." whimpered Cassius. He was nearly close to tears now. He didn't care what Sophia thought. He'd nearly died out there. Out there in the open, in a thunderstorm. Completely vulnerable.

A warmth begin to surround him. It felt comfortable. Though it did not make the rain or the thunder any less scary, Cassius felt safe. He continued to stay in foetal position until about fifteen minutes later, when the thunder stopped and the pouring rain was reduced to a drizzle. He then realise that all that while, Sophia was hugging him, holding him in her arms and surrounding him with her ether.

"I'm... sorry about that, Little Miss Oriole. I'm feeling better now... Thank you!"

"Oh...! There's no need to apologize, Mister Cassius. Everyone is afraid of at least something."

"But now you've discovered my weakness! I feel so terrible now."

"I'll keep it a secret, Mister Cassius!"

"Really? Thanks!!" Cassius felt he could trust Sophia. It was like they were childhood friends. He decided that he could trust her with one more secret from his past.

"You know... I wasn't always like this. When I was younger, I wasn't afraid of storms. But after I woke up..." Cassius's voice trailed off.

"Woke up? From what, Mister Cassius?"

"I... can't remember. Something happened to me. And I was asleep for a long time. I can only remember some bits and pieces of my past but... those two years are just an absolute blank."

"So, you can't remember parts of your past too, Mister Cassius?"

"Yeah. That seems to be something we have in common," half-smiled Cassius, glumly.

"It's alright Mister Cassius, I'm sure we'll both find out the entire truth one day!"

By now, the dark clouds had parted to reveal a full moon in the night sky, along with a multitude of stars, all shining down on Pebbleton.

It seemed that maybe everything would be fine after all.

(So, once again, it's windy from about 11:15 - 11:30 PM, then there's a thunderstorm from 11:30 - 11:45 PM and it becomes a light drizzle from 11:45 PM - 12:00 AM and it reverts back to just windy right after 12:00 AM. Please take note! I'm sorry for all the erratic weather. D:)
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by SavviG »

Date: 2 Jun, Wednesday
Time: Late Noon
Weather: Clear
Location: Dawnview Park -> Peddington Lane -> Shinetail River
PCs: Graciel, Cassius, Noco

Noco explained from why Cassius is here and about a new figure out about.
Martin was mentioned a few times and the word concealer also popped up.

Cassius is now his partner, they will be together for safety reasons. Martin and the new enemy could be the one and the same. Afterall they're both concealers.

"The Faust, that's what we call him by." said Noco. She clicked away her pad. "End of discussion..."

Graciel and Cassius exchanged glances. "Wouldn't it be cool if we all had a cool name like that?"
"What, like The Dyslexicat?"
Graciel turn too face the giggling Cassius who then burst out laughing. Graciel wondered if he somehow got his messy email at the beginning of the day.

Noco faced away. The guys couldn't tell whether she tried to hold in laughter or anger. She turned back to face them and raised a fist shape hand to her mouth.

"Ahem, That's all for today, remember, pay close attention to any strange person and your back sides." Noco walked passed the two while they saluted her away.

"Did you hear that? Some crazy guy is out and about killing people Graciel Sir!"
"All the more we should be careful ..."

They stood around for another minute or so and things were pretty quiet.

"Alright, Cassius. We've done all we need to do for today, so you should go back home and rest. Have a good night's sleep for tomorrow. We'll probably be just as busy as we were today."

"Yessir, Senior Graciel Sir! I will ensure that I have the best night's sleep ever! Goodbye!" said Cassius, he turned away and headed home.

Graciel brought up his MPUD and teleported. The scene melted and he was behind his house at Peddington Lane. He walked out into the open, and headed up north to the river.

Graciel sat down by the river. He then brought our his game console. While he played, he thought about the combo attack he and the stray girl produced today. "That was truly awesome, I wanna do it again someday, maybe combo with other strays aswell?" Graciel smiled to himself in responce of his projected image where he and Cassius fire off Ether inbued bullets that then connected to become some huge over the top lazer ...

Graciel games on quietly.
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by Pictor »

Date: 2 Jun, Wednesday
Time: around 10:00 PM
Weather: Clear
Location: White Waters; Mirto's room
PC: Jacket, Mirto
NPC: Lanette



"As if! It's not my fault you don't know how to play the game!"


Mirto gazed silently in a corner as she watched the scuffle taking place in her room. For the past hour-and-a-half, every time the two finished a match, a fight inevitably erupted. Whether it begins with Lanette's incessant boasting or Jacket's adamant denial of every loss he took. At first Mirto had lectured them every time they got too rowdy... but now she just couldn't care anymore. If her aunt or uncle ever comes barging into the room... she she'll just have to claim two psychos broke into her room and started fighting over a video game while she was sleeping.

Back on the battlefield, Jacket was now amusing himself by poking Lanette in the ribs with the handle of his controller, causing her to jolt every time he succeeded.

"Hey, stoppit! Mirto, he's bugging me! H-Hey! Stop, you jerk!" The orange-haired girl tried desperately to swat away Jacket's movements as he kept himself amused, grinning happily all the way. Mirto sighed haplessly as she buried her face into her palms.

One weirdo was enough... but now she had two? Forget about Jacket.. what did she do to deserve this? Through her fingers, Mirto continued to bear witness to what seemed like an extremely immature case of sibling rivalry... or was it a lover's spat? Honestly, who could tell?

"S-Stop it! I'm serious... or I swear I'll..." Jacket must have finally pushed a wrong button, for in an instant, Lanette lunged Jacket to the ground and held a pointed finger to his face. Slowly, Lanette's finger began to glow with an undulating purple glow as it buzzed with a light pulsation of energy.

"W-WHOA! A-Alright, I get it! I'll stop, I'll stop!" Throwing his hands up in defeat, Jacket slowly placed the controlled to the ground and pushed it away. "H-Heh... see? We're cool, right?"

Lifting herself off the Stray, Lanette blew the purple light away like a cowboy blows the barrel of his gun after a showdown.

"Hmph... don't think you can do whatever you want just yet." By now, Mirto was a bit awe-struck. She had never expected anyone to put Jacket in his place to quickly other than... well, herself. Maybe the girl wasn't so bad after all.

"Say... Lanette... that glow just now. Was that your Crosser power?"

"Hmm? You mean this?" Lifting her finger once more, Lanette lit it up like some kind of a neon candle. Mirto nodded in response. "Heeheehee... you bet! Wanna see what it does?"

Immediately Jacket gulped and began to cautiously inch himself away slowly.

"Well... I can't say I'm not curious. As long as it won't make a mess..." Taking that as a 'yes', Lanette nodded and crawled across the room, snatching her backpack that she had left by the doorway. Reaching an arm inside, the girl fished around and eventually pulled out a little, rattling pouch. Placing the pouch opening on her pam, Lanette shook out a single glass marble.

"Okay now... just watch!" Without even batting an eye, Lanette's entire palm began to glow with the same purple light from before. Mirto looked on in amazement as the glass marble in her hands became consumed by the growing aura. "Aaaaand.... bam!"

Suddenly the marble emitted a bright flash, filling the room with a violet light so intense that Mirto had to shield her eyes. Then, just as quickly as the flash had occurred, both the light and the marble disappeared without a trace.

"Whoa. What was that?"

"Like it? It's pretty, right? It's my special super heroine technique! I call it Reaction Burst. All Hindfells possess this Crosser ability."

"Um... but what exactly happened?" Putting the sack of marbles back into her bag, Lanette plopped back down onto the floor crossed-legged.

"Well... nothing there, since I didn't want to make a big commotion. But usually, whatever I touch, I can charge up until it explodes. I just didn't go that far this time."

"..... R-Really? Explode, huh?" That trick alone was already pretty impressive... Mirto couldn't help but wonder what it'd be like if the girl got serious.

"Uh, Jacket? You gonna be okay?" Mirto addressed the tiny bit of yellow clothing sticking out from under her bed. From under the mattress came a muffled voice.

"... She's hit me with that before, you know. I think I'll spend the rest of the night under here, thank you very much." Ah, that's right. Jacket has experienced Lanette's powers first hand, hasn he? Mirto's curiosity grew just a bit.

"Say Lanette... I was wondering..."


"You're pretty good with your powers, aren't you? And you're much more knowledgeable on all of this Ether stuff that I am. I was wondering... if you could answer some questions I have about my powers?" A previously reluctant ghost head immediately popped out from under the covers of Mirto's bed.

""Ho ho! It's about time! Yea, twerp, you oughta help the princess out! I wanna find out what kinda cool stuff she can do, too!"

"It's not about any amount of 'cool stuff', Jacket. I just want to know... well... a bit more about who I am."

Lanette crossed her arms and cocked her head in confusion.

"Ummm... so... you're saying you don't know how to use your powers?"

"Well, I told you before when we met in the park, didn't I? I'm not exactly well versed in all this supernatural junk."

"That's... not really the point, Mirto. Any Crosser, even an inexperienced one, should have at least some idea of what their power is. Haven't you ever accidentally used it or something?"

Mirto took a minute to think.

"Well... just once. It was when I first met Jacket. But after that... no matter how I tried... I couldn't reproduce it."

Still under the bed, Jacket remembered their latest engagement with the monstrous Train... an encounter he wouldn't soon forget. Of course, it was then that he made his promise.

"Hey, don't sweat it. It'll come to you eventually. Until then, I'll just keep buying you time when you need it!"

"But that's just it!" Mirto softly gripped her right hand, tracing the tips of her fingers along the rough surface the bandage on her palm. The injury she had acquired last night during the fight with the Train no longer hurt, but it still served as a reminder to her helplessness. "If things like that monstrous Train are going to keep coming, then I want to be able to fend for myself."

"Unnn... alright, I guess. Even it'd be enough just to see you do cool tricks."

"Aha~! Then it's settled!"

"... What is?"

"Me being your Crosser coach, of course!"

"... Say what?"

"Yea! What better person to help you master your power than a Hindfell?"

"Um... it's nice of you to offer, but I sort of just wanted to know a bit more about Crosser powers. It's okay if you don't have the answers... you don't have to go out of your way to help me out."

"O-Oh... but..." Lanette looked away and scratched her hair anxious, as if fumbling for the right words. "Isn't... that what friends are for?"

Mirto blinked in surprised. She certainly didn't expect that kind of answer. Somehow, Jacket had snuck himself out from under the bed undetected, and was now on the mattress. Lying on his back, he dangled his head up-side-down next to Mirto.

"Come on. You can't deny that kind of offer, can you?"

"Well... if you put it that way. I guess... I can use a bit of help."

"AAAAALRIGHT! Crosser training, here we go!"

"Yea! I dunno what your power is either, but we'll find out! Maybe it's so powerful, your mind can't comprehend it!"

"Whoa, really...? Like something that could destroy the world if misused? You think princess is that good?"


"No way... I'm getting excited now!"

Ignoring the background noise, Mirto struggled to comprehend the concept of 'Crosser training'. What exactly was that girl gonna have her do? Somehow, in her head, she pictured herself in phys-ed attire, doing pointless laps around the park while being pestered by a megaphone-wielding Lanette tailing her on a bicycle.

While playing out the fictional imagery, an unexpected yawn hit, draining all of Mirto's energy with it. Well, whatever happens... it will have to come later. Now, of course, was time for bed.

Turning around, Mirto was shocked to find that Jacket had somehow rolled himself onto a ghost burrito using her covers, flapping himself around on the bed like some kind of dying fish. Despite their earlier attitude against each other, Lanette was on the floor giggling away.

"H-HEY! Get out of there!"

Honestly... they're just like children...
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by SavviG »

Date: 2 Jun, Wednesday
Time: 10:00
Weather: Calm
Location: Shinetail River bank > 33 Renfield Road
PCs: Graciel

Graciel was laying down, watching the stars.
Still looking at the starry sky he checks the time from the MPUD, 10:02. The then lazily tapped the device to check the meeting place, 33 Renfield Road at 2230.

H sat up and a electric shock shot up his backside. He froze in mid posture, the muscles in in his back tensed. "Kyyeeiii....! That... hurts...". He rolled onto his belly and staired up the slope. He thought it's the possibility of laying down far too long. First it was his bottom cramping up when gaming, then a itchy hand, and now a poor back.

He lifted himself off the ground and crawled up to the path. He stood up on his own two feet and stretched to the sky. Time to head to Renfield.

While on the path, a girl on a bike rode past Graciel, she stared and laughed. Graciel confused watched her disappear in the dark path in the direction he came from. "What the... ?" He then turned around carrying on walking. With one hand he ran his fingers through his hair. He felt something protuding from his head, ears. He realised that the girl was infact laughing at his kitten ears. One with a flower stuck in.
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by Sentrovasi »

(@Pictor: You typo-ed Lanette's name as "Mirto" in one of the first few sentences in your post.)

Date: 2nd June, Wednesday
Time: 5.12 PM
Weather: Cloudless
PCs: Randall Kayne
NPCs: Noa Blue

Even as Randall ran, he had time to find each Blight unnerving. They stayed in the shadows, made long with the setting sun, but did nothing more than... watch. Yet more and more of them seemed to spring into existence ahead of their interminable dash, forcing Randall to skirt around them. Using Ether was an option he didn't want to risk, lest he roused them from their apparently dormant state.

Noa no doubt seemed destined for athletics: her lithe stride across the field was at a speed he found hard to keep up with. The groceries he carried didn't make it any easier. The schoolgirl, on the other hand, didn't seem to share any of his worries; not a surprise, since she couldn't see them. Randall was relieved that her path through managed to avoid every shadow, and he struggled to follow in her wake.

And then they were through. Randall hardly noticed Arnold Lane before he found himself on its very pavement, a slightly smug-looking Noa looking at him. Turning back to the field they'd just run through, he noticed the Blights slinking back into the shadows.


Noa allowed herself a slight chuckle. "I suppose it wasn't fair, since you had to carry the groceries, too." Before the dazed Randall could respond, she had snatched the bags from his hands. "Here, I'll carry them the rest of the way." That said, she turned and began to walk back to the house.

"One more thing..." Taking one last look back at the field as the sun began to set, Randall ventured a question. "Why did we use that route back today?"

Noa gave him a strange look. "I usually take that shortcut when I go to the mall, anyway. Is something wrong?"

Randall opened his mouth to speak, but no words came to mind. Shrugging, he took the bags back from the protesting Noa before the two of them headed back home.

Date: 2nd June, Wednesday
Time: 5.52 PM
Weather: Cloudless
Location: 18 Reinfield Road
PCs: -
NPCs: Noa Blue, Tethys Blue

Noa, her hair still slightly wet from her shower, prepared to face the pouting Tethys as she entered their room.

"I don't like it."

Noa sat down on the bed, beside Tethys. "You don't like what, exactly? Randall's tests, or that you weren't the one conducting this time?"

The red-headed twin turned to her composed sister. "All of it! Ms. Aios seems to have a plan, but do we really have to put him through this?" Her tone was troubled, but she knew better than to raise her voice in case someone heard them.

"He was never in any danger today, you know that," Noa's gentle tone seemed to reassure her sister a little. "The Thousand don't attack strong Crossers, especially not in the day." She turned to examine the skyline outside their window as she said this.

"That's not the point, Noa. I'm sure you've noticed his change in behaviour too." Indeed, Randall, despite continuing to project his sunny disposition, seemed even more perturbed than before. "I don't know how this is supposed to help his recovery."

Noa stood up abruptly, Tethys' gaze still on her as she approached the window. "He at least was capable of independent action today. Feeling out-of-sorts after interaction with Blights is common in all individuals anyway." She paused for a moment, then turned back to Tethys. "Oh, that's just ridiculous; don't you think I feel the same way you do?"

"Honestly," Noa continued, "I'm just as afraid for him as you are. An untrained Crosser being forced to interact with Blights? I don't like coming across Blights either, and we've been conditioned. But Ms. Aios needs him to be able to handle this," she shrugged resignedly, "so all we can do is help him along."

"What is she thinking," Tethys mused. "Throwing him down the deep end for training aside, is this Crosser really so important?" She flopped down onto the bed proper, burying her face in the mattress before popping up again. "I mean, I'm sure we have enough Panzers to take on any other Blight that appears."

Noa, on the other hand, seemed thoughtful. "Then again, remember what happened with the Train? Why none of us were on hand to fix things? Maybe that's what she's trying to avoid next time around."

Tethys frowned. "I guess I'd just rather there wasn't a next time."

Outside, the waning sun finally set into night.
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by marcien »

recap time. except redmist is a half-lying bastard. also, a new NPC introduced. yes, it is the mysterious noco's husband!! (yes, there is a wikia article for him already. martia is efficient)

Date: 2 Jun, Wednesday
Time: 2243
Weather: Windy
Location: 33 Renfield Road
PC: Z. Redmist
Other PCs: Graciel Flay
NPCs: Noco Sue-Berry, Palmarr Berry

Two panzers and a crosser sat at a table. The dog woman was supporting her head with one furry elbow on the table and scratching her ear with the other furry hand. A young cat man was fiddling with a flower, which normally, would have been distracting, except that the company he is with did not pay it much mind. He was listening attentively to the man slouched over the table.

"A hundred years ago, a man named Gisbert Warren created the train known as the Galactic Cloud. However, the train met with an unfortunate accident, it disappeared and the passengers on board are assumed to have perished.

"Warren did his best to search for it, but whether he was successful or not, I do not know, because he himself disappeared searching for it.

"Years later, he became a stray and bonded with his grandson, Heisel Warren. Sixteen years ago, the pair discovered the blight formed from the negativity of the Galactic Cloud's disappearance.

"They confronted it and failed, and the train blight consumed them, which caused it to be dormant until a few days ago. That is how it came to be."

"That's why that blight is so big!" exclaimed Graciel. He then left his seat to crawl under the table to retrieve the flower he had dropped earlier.

"Dormant for... Sixteen years? How?" questioned Noco.

"Probably as a result of either the stray's powers or the crosser's abilities when it consumed them."

When they had discussed the blight in further detail, Noco posed another question, "Do you know anything about Concealers, Redmist? No, I don't mean that bespectacled salaryman."

"Nothing apart from what I have told Berry about the other time." Redmist replied, "Is he still hunting panzers, that man?"

Noco nodded silently. Graciel who was smiling at the flower quickly changed his facial expression to match.

The silence was broken by the sound of rumbling thunder.

"Since it is going to rain, I shall make my way home," said Redmist. He took a bow.

"Ah, you better! I just hate getting wet too. Thank you for today, Mister Redmist!" Graciel got up in a hurry.

"Yes, thank you indeed," said loud voice. The owner of that loud voice took the flower from Graciel's hands and stuck in the side of Redmist's head.

"Ah, that looks good on you, Ze, very pretty!"
When did he show up...? No... wait-- "Do not call me that." Redmist removed the flower from his hair and handed it back to Palmarr Berry, the tiger panzer.

"What are you here for, Berry?"

"A man can't accompany his lovely wife back home? It dangerous for a woman to be out at night, y'know!"

Liar. You just want to spy on me. Redmist sighed, "I see. Good night then," and left the house.

-- -- -- -- --

When the couple were alone, Palmarr rubbed his fists and spoke, "That was some loud thunder... I wonder, how is that puppy? Sure hope he's indoors."

"I'm sure he will be fine, dear," consoled his wife.
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by Pictor »

(We're back to early morning for a small intermission)
Date: 2 Jun, Wednesday
Time: 2:00 AM
Weather: Lingering Clouds, Full Moon
Location: Pebbleton Outskirts
NPC: Bel'Tagus, Lisken'Pell

Lisken'Pell watched silently as the innumerable glowing eyes squirmed and twitched, slowly retreating into the darkness of the surrounding forest. The corruption was strong indeed, but strangely, not enough to have been anything more than a nuisance to passing mortals. Were his senses failing him? Perhaps even omniscience requires a bit of brushing up on every now and then.

Raising a hand, he gave leave to the Lesser Ones accompanying him. Minor pest control was below his jurisdiction, and the Blight known as The Thousand... for now... there was no need for a Reaper's involvement. As Lisken'Pell, too, prepared to take his leave, he was suddenly stopped by a voice behind him.

"I hope we are not shirking our duties... Reaper-kin."

Ah, look who it is. Lisken'Pell could not help but chuckle slightly at the seriousness in his tone.

"Hmm hmm... Fear not, Bel'Tagus. There are none who know my conviction as well as yourself. The existence of this Blight is still within reason."


From the thin air behind him, another figure appeared from the darkness. The new individual was clad in a dark-green suit similar to Lisken'Pell's own, and was significantly larger and more muscular than the slim, silver-haired Reaper. But perhaps most peculiar was his bestial head; it bore a resemblance to something of a cross between a mythological dragon and a wolf. Its feral appearance strikingly contrasted with the rest of the character's human-like body, and seemingly emitted an eerie trail of glowing vapors from its eyes.

Bel'Tagus' came to a stop beside his fellow Reaper, and not a step more. His movements were solid and professional, adding to his already imposing figure.

"It would also appear that we have been associating with the fragment, have we not?"

Even his voice, deep and deliberate, was unlike that of Lisken'Pell's. If one were to observe the two side-by-side, it would almost be unbelievable to assume they stood as equals.

"Eavesdropping, Reaper-kin? Hardly couth, if I may be so inclined to say."

Bel'Tagus did not reply, but it was obvious that his silence was disapproving.

"It is a Stray Spirit, Bel'Tagus. Regardless of origin, last I knew, aiding a Stray was not beyond our duties to this world. Or perhaps the rules have changed?"

Again, the beast-headed Reaper said nothing, but this time for a different reason. Lisken'Pell simply smiled warmly in response.

"Ah. So I am glad to see we are in agreement!"


With a low grunt, Bel'Tagus turned to leave, but stopped with a few steps and spoke over his hunched shoulders.

"Heed where you tread, Reaper-kin. It would be wise not to play with forces beyond our control."

"... I am well aware of myself, friend. There is no need for concern."

"I pray for your sake that you are."

And then, in a flash, both were gone.

(And now, back to Jacket)
Date: 2 Jun, Wednesday
Time: around 11:25 PM
Weather: Strong Winds, Gathering Clouds
Location: Dawnview Park -> Herston Public Library and Museum
PC: Jacket


Jacket breathed a sigh of relief as he scuttled into the safety of the park's looming darkness. He'd not met a soul on the way, but with everything that has happened today, no one could blame him for being on edge. The Stray stretched his whole body out and relished in the open space. He did feel kind of bad... Mirto had gone through so much to keep him safe, but outside was where he felt the most free... despite the many dangers. Not cooped up in a girl's room.

Besides... he had something he needed to do.

Sneaking out of the the apartment was a surprisingly easy feat. Before going to bed, Mirto forced him back into his mini form, and stuffed him in a drawer padded with clothing.

"... What, aren't I cute enough to sleep with you guys?"

"Good night, Jacket."

After making sure the entire apartment was asleep, Jacket quietly wormed his way out of his prison and made his escape out a small slit in the opened window. Aside from his exhilarating descent to the ground, there weren't really any problems. The only gripe the Stray had was that he couldn't have worn his signature costume with him... although that might have proved to be a convenience in retrospect. The lack of a bright yellow jacket made it much easier to blend in with the night. Sometimes, he wonders why he even bothers to wear that thing around.

"Oh yea... because it's bad ass."

Deftly flitting from structure to structure across the park, Jacket made his way into the bushes to the north and out the other side. It was only a short ways before he finally arrived at his destination: the Herston Public Library and Museum. But more specifically, the "Library" part. Funny how many times keeps coming back here over the course of just two days. As he approached, Jacket saw that the structure was no longer covered with construction material... and the hole, which he'd been responsible for, had also been cleanly patched up.


Sounds like a storm's brewing. Already, the winds were picking up to ferocious speeds. All the more reason to head inside!

"Alright, just like last time. Allez hop!"

Fortunately for Jacket, it would seem they hadn't improved on the security at all. There were no guards, and not even any alarms. Making his way through the attic window was a cinch... in fact, much more so now that he was actually nice and healthy this time around. Compared to the museum side, which was decked out like a presidential chamber, the library seemed sadly neglected. Perhaps no one really cared if a burglar wanted to get his hands on a few dusty old books.

"Well... almost no one."

Landing into the newly constructed attic, Jacket chuckled to himself as he remembered his chanced meeting with Mirto. He still didn't know what the heck it was that she tried to brandish on him. Some sort of... net? It did look intimidating as all hell, though. Especially considering its wielder! After some groping around, Jacket managed to find the door, which lead down into the main building. As Jacket descended, he was briefly startled to find that the floors were surprisingly lit. For a moment, he thought he'd been caught... but then realized no one was in sight.

"Eh, maybe this was the least they could do to keep out intruders."

Still, one can never be too careful when breaking and entering. Jacket scuttled along the shelves, scanning the rows left and right.


Tucked into a corner at the end of the hall, he found what he was looking for; the library's catalogue. To his knowledge, most libraries used computerized catalogues nowadays, but this one was still utilizing the old-fashioned paper system.

"Hmmm... I wonder how I know that...?"

Come to think of it, Jacket preemptively knew a lot of things. For example... how to suck at video games. Remnants from his past life? But, wasn't he suffering from retrograde amnesia?

"I'll have to ask Lisken'Pell about that... next time."

Shrugging off both his curiosity and thought of the white-haired Reaper, Jacket got back to work. There was a reason why he was here. Licking his fingers, Jacket pulled out the section labeled "Author", and flicked through the cards.

"Let's see... 'L'... 'L', 'L', 'L'... la li lu le lo... there we go. Now... where is this guy... 'L'... 'U'..-- aha!!"

There it was! Filed exactly where it's supposed to be... the name "Luore, Salem". The very same name which was listed as the author of the book in Mirto's room.

"Casket of the Fiend Prince."

Just saying the name made Jacket felt all... weird. And he needed to know why. Quickly memorizing the location of the author's works, Jacket made off into the maze of shelves.
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by MidNightMagnificent »

A/N: I'm sorry, I couldn't find anything in the wiki about local currency so I just used gold. Besides, seeing as she just arrived, she should only have some sort of universally accepted currency on her from her exploits in previous towns? Right?

Uh, not really sure how Alex fits into some of the current events, so I just decided to deal with some other mundane matters that will relate to her, since she looks likely to stay on in this town.


Date: 2 Jun, Wednesday
Time: late afternoon
Weather: Windy
Location: An apartment building
PC: Alex Diamond
Other PCs: N/A
NPCs: Uh, receptionist?

Alex's stomach rumbled loudly as she wandered aimlessly around town, reminding her of how exhausted and hungry she was. Her last decent meal was in the previous town where that ship she stowed away on came from! Alex decided that it was time to secure a permanent pad for herself in this town, since it seemed fairly happening. Sleeping in trees is a nice occasional past time, definitely not something to make a regular habit out of.

Alex picked one of the apartment buildings along Reinfield Road at random, and marched right through the front doors to the receptionist sitting at the front desk.

""Hi,"" Alex began, "About the apartments here..."

The receptionist looked over the scruffy person in front of her desk with a sneer, cutting her off coldly, "Renting an apartment here is rather expensive. It costs..."

Alex hated when people put her down that way. Haughtily, she withdrew a big bag of gold coins from one of her pockets and set it down, with a rather louder rattle than absolutely necessary, in front of the (to her mind)stuck up bimbo, spilling out a fairly generous amount of shiny gold coins. "How many apartments will this be able to buy me?"

The receptionist looked taken aback for a moment, but she was professional and recovered quickly. "I'm sorry, Sir." She replied sweetly, politely. "I shall have to get you in touch with our real estate department for such matters. Would you like to take a seat while you wait? I will come back to you shortly."

Alex accepted that offer gladly, sinking herself down into one of the comfy couches that the receptionist pointed in the direction of, smirking slightly as she caught the blond winched at her dirtying up the sofa, and waited.

It would probably be nice to settle down for a bit, she reflected as she lost the fight to stifle a huge yawn. Running from town to town, never sleeping in the same bed, or tree as it sometimes came to, for more than a night, was getting oddly monotonous, oxymoronic as that may sound.
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by marcien »

time skip, START!

(first-person again. i am clearly influenced by a certain troll alien prince.)

Sophia's 2D1N Adventure in Pebbleton~!!

Thursday, Early morning.
- with Cassius.

I wake up feeling really nice. It is a nostalgic feeling. Was I hugged to sleep? Eh? Oh no, that's wrong. (Cassius said he is an adult, so I shouldn't be sleeping beside him.) It is because the weather is warm today, that's why. Cassius is still sleeping, and I don't want to wake him up. But then the school bell rang!! So Cassius wakes up and we escape the school quickly before anyone else sees us. Hahaha, though I say, escape, it's really just me clinging on to his back while he runs. It is fun being able to move so fast~!

Thursday, morning, school.
- with Cassius.

Our first task is to find Cassius a place to sleep in at nights. When we walked past the bridge, Cassius saw that they were selling (second-hand) camping equipment! How handy! But he doesn't have cash with him. Now we are stuck. Waaah...

Thursday, late morning, fire station.
- with Cassius and Mister Graciel.

Lucky! We found Mister Graciel on the roof of the fire station. How vigilant! He must be watching out for blights and keeping the town safe! He tells Cassius that he can collect his allowance to use at the house with the panzer gate. Off we go!

Thursday, afternoon, reinfield road.
- with Cassius and Miss Sanae.

We met Miss Sanae on the way out! She seems a little less scared of me than yesterday. She asks about Mister Martin. So I say that I am angry with him because he is a meanie.

Thursday, afternoon, pebbleton beach park.
- with Cassius.

Cassius bought a nice canvas tent. We go to the beach to set it up, because that is where people pitch tents, right? Tents are fun! The metal rod was a little out-of-shape, so Oriole used her heat power to straighten it. Heehee!

Thursday, afternoon, pebbleton beach park.
- with Cassius.

No way... It started to drizzle?! Then the two of us realise something: living in the tent doesn't shelter Cassius from thunderstorms! Back to drafting board now.

Thursday, late afternoon, near block 42.
- with Cassius and Mister Mad Hooder.

Mister Mad Hooder spotted us and came to have a chat. He laughs when we tell him about about the tent. I tell him not to tell Mister Martin about that, because he would think that panzers (Cassius) and brats (Sophia) are stupid.

Thursday, late afternoon, panzer gate house.
- with Cassius and Madam Noa.

We reach the panzer house with Cassius all wet. He shakes all the water out and made everywhere wet too. Hahaha. We meet a fish panzer called Madam Noa, and she says, why doesn't Cassius just apply for a lodging? Eh? He didn't know that. Ahahahaha~ Madam Noa kindly helped us. She thinks that Cassius is older than her but much more idiotic than her. Ummm, but I cannot fault her, because we are quite the idiots about the tent thing.

Thursday, evening, [Martin's home].
- with Cassius.

I don't want to, but Cassius says I should go back home. So he accompanied me back. Mister Martin and Mister Mad Hooder are both not around. Lucky, I guess...?

Thursday, night, [Martin's home].
- with Mister Martin.

Mister Martin came back first! I try to hide, but he calls out, he knows where I am because I am his stray. Uuuu... I wish Mister Mad Hooder is here too.

Friday, middle of the night, ???
- (alone)

I can't sleep, so I go out for a walk. But...... I got lost...! Arrhhh...

Friday, middle of the night, ???
- with Mister Randall.

Thank you, Mister Randall! He helped me find my way back. There were some weird blights nearby though... It is strange that they are not trying to eat me. Are they scared of Mister Randall? Either ways, Oriole is very grateful!

Friday, morning, block 43
- with Mister Mad Hooder.

Mister Mad Hooder says that he wants to go out, so I follow with him. We went to hang around outside the window of a neighbour a few floors up. (Mister Mad Hooder says that he doesn't like entering into people's homes even if we are invisible to them.) He seems very happy to look at a something called a television in the living room. In fact, the human children look mesmerised by it as well. Is television that fun to watch? I cannot see a thing on it...

Friday, morning, block 43
- with Mister Mad Hooder and Mister Graciel.

When Mister Mad Hooder had finished looking at the televison, Mister Graciel notices and calls out to us. He says that Cassius has a new place to live in, and we can visit. Yay!

Friday, morning, [Cassius' home].
- with Mister Mad Hooder, Mister Graciel and Cassius.

We have arrived on time: Cassius says he needs help! While Mister Mad Hooder and I cannot do much, Graciel can help. Together, they set up the tent in Cassius' bedroom. Mister Mad Hooder thinks pitching a tent under shelter is very pointless, but Sophia thinks it is cool. After all, sleeping in one is rather comfy! (I think.)

Friday, late morning, [Cassius' home].
- with Mister Mad Hooder, Mister Graciel and Cassius.

When they were done, Cassius put his mattress into the tent. It looks like a wonderful place to sleep in! Then Mister Mad Hooder and I leave because the panzers have to go out to buy food.

Friday, noon, ???
- with Mister Mad Hooder.

I wonder how eating is like. Cassius seems really excited to have lunch. Mister Mad Hooder doesn't remember what it is like to eat or drink either. And I think... Is he getting slower? It is almost as if Mister Mad Hooder is getting weaker and weaker......

Friday, afternoon, ???
- with Mister Mad Hooder and Cassius.

After his lunch, Cassius came to find us! Mister Mad Hooder took his leave. (Did he want to look at more television?) I tell Cassius my concern for Mister Mad Hooder.

Friday, afternoon, [Cassius' home].
- with Cassius.

What a wonderful idea! Cassius will make a notice, and we can put them in places other crossers will see. Our notices say "POSITION AVAILABLE: Nice crosser wanted to bond with for cool stray! Interested applicants, please approach Sophia for interview."

Friday, afternoon, all over pebbleton.
- with Cassius.

With Cassius' awesome tracking skills, we locate the homes of the crossers in Pebbleton. I help to stick the papers: one on Miss Sanae's window, one on Mister Randall's window, one on Madam Alex's door. There was another crosser's home we found, but Cassius says she is already living with a stray.

Friday, late afternoon, block 44.
- with Cassius and Mister Redmist.

We finally find Mister Redmist's home. When we approached his door, we hear his voice come from a intercom. He says he is not interested in a stray. Then I remember and I tell the intercom that I am sorry that Mister Martin bullied him. He didn't say anything.

Friday, evening, block 43.
- with Cassius and Mister Mad Hooder.

Since we near, Cassius sent me home. When I enter, Mister Mad Hooder asked me why I have a smug look on my face. Does Sophia? It must be because I am proud for doing my part for Mister Mad Hooder today!
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by SavviG »

Made some adjustments to time frame, wasn't too clear the first time ^^;
Date: 3 Jun, Thursday
Time: 7:00~???
Weather: Calm
Location: Pebbleton (Anywhere?!)
PCs: Graciel
Other PCs: Cassius, Sophia, M.

From the early of the day, Graciel like usual, had breakfast. Later he went out shopping for food and supplies.

Oh his way, he bumped into a tree while staring at a particular cat, or Blight. A day ago it was ran over by a car. Or so it looks, it could be another one.


In the mall, Graciel went shopping for some clothes, food and supplies. Some people noticed his bags disappeared down to one when he enters the public toilets. Security guards were sent to investigate the toilets for suspicous bags.

Graciel got interrogated by two policemen. He merely produced his buyings from a single bag and was lucky to get away from the misunderstanding. From the corner of Graciel's eye, he can see a cat from the hedges watching.


Late morning Graciel was sitting up the fire station roof looking out for Blights. He was approached by Cassius and Sophia, they look like they needed help. He told Cassius he should visit the Panzer Gate house to get his allowance. Seems like Cassius needed a place to live.

Not long, a fireman caught Graciel on the roof. He warned Graciel and chased him down. I was funny, how many firemen did it take to get a guy down from the station roof? Five. While escaping, he was followed by a black cat, the same Blight cat.

Graciel spent most of his day hunting for Blights. Sitting on roofs of many apartment buildings. He made 2 successfull kills, and 1 got away. The one got away was flying pretty high.

[Date: 4 Jun, Friday]
[Time: 7:03am]

The next morning, he recieved a call from Cassius. It seems like he has found a place to live in. Though he needed some help and so he was called to go over.

Graciel found Sophia along with M stalking a unexpected family. They watched through the window. He approached the two and asked if they wanted to see Cassius. Sophia was delighted and dragged Mr.M along.

When they got to the new home, Cassius was building a tent in his bedroom. It was bizarre, but nothing stopped Graciel helping to build it. When it was done, the four of them sat around the tent for bit. Soon M took Sophia home. Cassius needed to shop for food. Graciel showed him the way to the shops. Luckily it was still opened.

Graciel goes home to sleep.

Date: 4 Jun, Friday
Time: 3:00pm
Weather: Calm
Location: Dawnview Park
PCs: Graciel
Other PCs: A Yellow Jacket

In Dawnview Park, Graciel was in his cat form. He was giving chase to a torn Yellow Jacket that was seemlessly gliding across the ground. From another person's perspectice that is.

Under the torn jacket was a cat. It wasn't just any cat, it was a Blight. They ran around trees, fountains, under benches and skirts.

It was exhausting. Whenever Graciel stops for a breather, so does the Blight.

Will Graciel ever catch the Blight?
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by Pictor »

Date: 4 Jun, Friday
Time: 2:00AM - Very Early Morning
Weather: Calm, Waning Moon
Location: Dawnview Park
PC: Jacket
NPC: Tethys and Noa Blue

Jacket laid sideways on the park railings, one hand propping up his head. Once again, he was without his human clothes... irksome, but that was the cost of such a welcome respite. Despite the relatively thin space he was given to work with, the Stray kept perfect balance as he silently stared out onto the moonlit ocean. It's been a while. When he first came to Pebbleton, Jacket used to spend all his nights here, hypnotized by the massive body of water straight through until daybreak. It was the first time he had ever seen the open seas; Jacket had an inkling he enjoyed no such privilege even while alive.

".... Alive..."

Jacket muttered the word to himself as a gentle sea breeze swept through his untidy mess of hair. What was it like when he was alive? It'd been on his mind a lot lately. Ever since his little escapade to the Library two days ago, Jacket had made sneaking out of the apartment a nightly endeavor. Of course, Jacket made this little fact scarce to his Crosser. If Mirto ever found out... well, he tries not to go there.

"Salem... and Sebastian Luore."

The fruits of his research into the mysterious book, Casket of the Fiend Prince, had been another name. The first one, as he learned from Mirto during the night of the "sleepover", was the author of the book. The second... was the author of another piece of literature. They were brothers, both of whom were writers.

"The Irony of Demon Overlords..."

Together, the two books were apparently part of a trilogy, with Demon Overlords being the first part of the saga, Fiend Prince being a follow-up prequel, and... well, a third book was slated to be a sequel to the original. However to Mirto's knowledge, the last entry was never published or released in any way. Jacket tossed the jumble of names and labels in his mind. With each new piece of information, he felt like he was getting closer to something. Salem and Sebastian... those were familiar, too. But no matter how hard he strained his memory, nothing came. A feeling was just a feeling.

The Stray heaved a light sigh. Why was it that he was suddenly so interested? He never was before... but perhaps that was because he was too busy running away from a ghost-idical maniac girl. Now that things have had a chance to calm down... there just seems like more to explore.


Out of nowhere a bullet came whizzing past, ricocheting somewhere deeper into the park. Jacket was so startled, he nearly fell into the ocean. At the last second, he shifted his fall onto the park floor.

"Ow! ---Da hell?!"


More shots flew his way. Judging by the angle... they weren't aimed specifically for him, but...

"Ether shots? ... Uh oh."

The source of the commotion was making its way closer. As Jacket had expected, from behind the darkness, a Panzer hustled into view.


With no time to make a break for it, Jacket ducked behind a nearby shrub. Peeking out between the branches, he finally saw what the Panzer was shooting at. Behind it, in hot pursuit, was a pack of rushing shadows bearing menacing red eyes. As they chased, one of the shadows lashed out in an attempt to strike the Panzer down, but it was too fast for the Blight. As if already anticipating the attack, the Panzer dodged deftly to the side and cut the monster down with a blade produced from nowhere. Another of the beasts attempted to pounce from behind, but it too was flawlessly avoided, this time taking a point-blank shot upside the head.


The last Blight, bigger and meaner-looking than the rest, gurgled and growled before launching itself at its foe with full speed. The Panzer readied its weapon, and expertly avoided the attack with a well executed backflip.

... Straight behind Jacket's bush.

After landing just as professionally as she had taken off, Tethys turned her head to see a shadowy figure with a white mask huddled in shock against the leaves.



The two stared, each equally surprised at the encounter. Much closer now, Jacket could see that the Panzer was in fact a girl. Her long, reddish hair bore streaks of a lighter shade that glimmered slightly against the moonlight. But perhaps what intrigued Jacket the most was her eyes. The right one was red, while the other was a pale blue, and her gaze seemed to glow softly in the darkness.


"ACK! NO, WAIT! I'M NOT---!"

"Not you, get down!"


The metallic sound of gunfire rang out against Jacket's skull. At first, he was certain it was over. His hideously bad ass appearance had betrayed him for the last time. But when Jacket slowly inched his eyes open, he saw that the Panzer girl had aimed her weapon behind him, not at him.


From atop the hedge, a bulk of blackness slumped forward onto the ground in front of him and faded away into a trail of black smoke.

"Phew! Close call. Are you okay, sir Stray?"

"I... uh..."

Jacket was at a pure loss, stumbling for something to say like an idiot. Tethys climbed out from behind the brush and surveyed the area. After making sure the coast was clear, she stepped out into the open. Clumsily following suit, Jacket finally managed to mumble something halfway coherent.

"Uh... you... didn't think I was the Blight?"

"Wha-? Of course not! Well, hmm... you sure do look like one, I suppose. But, hehehe, Blights don't usually recoil in terror at being called out."


Tethys turned her attention to her wrist-mounted MPUD and tapped a few keys.

"Noa... are you near? I can't get a read on your location!"

A familiar voice rang out from the mic, albeit through heavy static.

"Yes, Tethys... I'm at the street corner right now! I couldn't track you either... must be some heavy interference around. Are you alright?"

"No biggie! You know your sister. It'll take more than a few baddies to take me down! I'll meet you, so don't move!"

"Roger! I'll wait here."

The Panzer girl touched a button to shut off the com-link and began to make her way toward the rendezvous, but stopped with a few steps and turned around.

"I dunno what you're doing out here in your material form, sir Stray, but lately there have been more Blights around town than usual. I'd be more careful, if I were you!"

"Y-Yea... sure."

"Oh! And if you're concerned about your appearance, why not make a disguise for yourself? Hehehe... like a hat or something!"

With a brief salute, the Panzer girl dashed off. Suddenly alone once again, Jacket watched speechlessly as the last bit of her glimmering hair disappeared into the night.

".......... P-Pretty...."
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by AYC »

Date: June 3, Thursday

-- (Afternoon) --

Despite his efforts to get it out of his head, the sight of Martin's father still sends shivers down his ghostly spine. Then again, it's not everyday that a ghost - that's not a Stray - comes descending down from Heaven or wherever the dude came from and starts talking to you... about his certain grouchy son.

What frightens M even more is the fact that the old man had actually requested/demanded that he watch over Martin... as a mandate from Heaven?! Honestly, what the hell, man. The guy's not even his bonded Crosser - why ask some random Stray to be his son's bloody guardian angel?! As disturbed as he is, M can't help but imagine how the situation might've been different if Sophia had been there...

Eh... Old Chang might've blown a fuse at seeing his son with a little girl. Never mind.

Speaking of the little Stray, M catches sight of a familiar head of gold hair in the distance, struggling with a bundle of... fabric? As he nears the building, he realizes that it is indeed Sophia, accompanied by the light-haired Panzer they had met yesterday - what was his name again? Cassius?

"Ah! It's Mr. Mad Hooder!"

"'Sup, Sophia. Er... what are you two doing?"

M raises an eyebrow in curiosity as the two wrestle a bit more with their package, before giving up with a collective sigh.

"Uuu... this is Mr. Cassius tent. We were setting it up, but then it started raining..."

"A tent? What for?"

Cassius in particular looks rather worn out, and jumps visibly at the faint sound of rolling thunder. "I forgot to get myself a place to live from Panzer HQ, so Miss Oriole tried to help me."


M takes a once over of the pair, from the lightly soaked clothes of Cassius to the messily gathered material of the tent. For some reason, he finds himself suddenly restraining the urge to snicker at the Panzer and Stray. Pffft.

"What's so funny, Mr. Mad Hooder?"

"Nothing. Just that I'm not really surprised. You two really are kids, you know?"


"Uuu... Mr. Mad Hooder..."

-- (Night) --


It seems all he's been doing recently is running from Blights. Somehow, what he had hoped to be a calming, peaceful walk had turned into a fight for survival - a very, very hellish fight for survival.

The Blight that's chasing him is definitely no pushover. Sure, it's not exactly the Train's level of huge, but it's certainly not at the same level of docility as the Dog-Lamp Post Blight from yesterday. Not that Blights are ever nice and gentle, but the point is that the current Blight - that is right now chasing his ass around Pebbleton like there's no tomorrow - is not as weak as the Dog-Lamp Post one, nor as strong as the Train had been.

Actually, if he was to judge the creepy, glowing yellow-eyed behemoth thing behind him, M would have to say that it's much closer to the Train. Which more or less means that if he doesn't kick his ass into high gear - like right now - and think of some way out, he's fried.

And being evil ghost chow doesn't quite seem very fun. Or epic. The issue, however, is that he doesn't have many options with his increasingly meager ether supply.

Damn it all to hell.

He's already tried all his old tricks, even using the same bait move he had used against the Train. The monster behind him had just charged through it, and he hadn't gotten very far before the Blight returned to pursuing him with just as much fervor as before. It's almost like it had a lock on his ether signature alone... or could recognize that there was a much larger ether store in him than in his bait, as scant as it currently is.

It's not like Blights have ever been intelligent, have they? The thought makes something inside him twist in uncertainty. As far as he knows, it's not possible but...

M, stop thinking about things like that, dammit! Focus on not... not getting your ass chewed up that Blight!

Even if he clears his head though, the fact still remains that he's screwed. The amount of ether he has in him is just shitty - his attempts to speed up only result in more ether being spent, and as a result, slowing him down in the long run. No matter how he thinks of it, it's a dead end for him. It sucks, because he really doesn't want to disappear yet, not like this. It's... pathetic.

Think M, think. Think - think - think - FUCK M, THINK OF SOMETHING!

Okay. If the Blight has a lock on him, he needs to find something else for it to lock onto. But why is it locked on him? If his hypothesis is correct, it's because his main body has more ether than the amount of ether he tries to lure it with. Then - then he needs to find something else with more ether than he does? But what if it's locked onto his ether signature? AARRGGHHH, FUCK IT -!

Here goes nothing.

With a quick pivot, he dashes around the nearest corner, and in the few seconds it takes for the Blight to make the turn, conjures just enough of his shadows to use up half of his remaining ether supply. Despite the shaky concentration he has with the scarily severe time limit he's under, M manages to make a shadowy, palely glowing doppelganger of himself (just in case that stupid Blight can actually recognize shapes) before retreating as far as he can into the shadows of the nearest alleyway just as the Blight's claw makes its appearance.

Here it comes. Gulp.

He watches with bated breath (as far as that goes for a dead guy) as the Blight pounces on the shadow ether M with a gruesome slash from its claws, and the real M grimaces slightly as the beast siphons up his white ether in a second. The thought that would've been him makes him break out in ghostly cold sweat - but he still manages to keep his breathing in check. It's not over yet.

He slowly backs away, deeper into the shadows of the alleyway when the Blight suddenly stills, as if sensing another being in the vicinity.

Please don't be me please don't be me please don't be me -

It's not until the Blight is a small form in the distance that M sees it moving again, away from him. Although he releases the breath he's been holding, he freezes immediately when he notices something very strange.

The Blight... wasn't alone. In the glinting moonlight, M can make out a small, vaguely humanoid figure standing in front of the behemoth Blight - with a distinctly animal set of ears and tail. What was stranger was that the figure seemed to be prodding the Blight without getting any sort of rebuttal at all; in fact, it seemed to be obediently sitting there, like it was getting examined by a doctor at a check up.

A Panzer, what...?

The voice of the individual cuts clearly through the silent night. "Hm... I see we actually have a success. For once that idiot Benzene actually did something right." For a few moments, the Panzer typed away on a few floating screens, before looking up - and right into the alleyway he was hiding in.


M doesn't catch what the Panzer says next, but he quickly makes his getaway, weaving in through the alleys without turning back. He doesn't know it he's being tailed or not, or if he had even been detected in the first place, but frankly, he doesn't care. All he knows is that by the time he returns to Martin's home, the street is perfectly silent, and that he's somehow made it one piece.

With the exception of a snoring Martin, there's no one else in the house. As M drops down, utterly drained, for as much as a rest he can get with his body, he hopes that wherever Sophia is, she's fine and not getting chased by Blights.

But honestly, he's just as glad that she doesn't have to see him in such a sorry mess.
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

Post by Sentrovasi »

OOC: Realized that I'd made the landlady a young woman at the start. Any references to an old woman are to be ignored, but she is still reclusive and still known as the Madame for her weird habits and finicky nature.

Date: 4th June, Friday
Time: 1:10 AM
Weather: Clear
PCs: Randall Kayne, Sophia
NPCs: -

Randall was curious.

The past two days had been good for him in that he had at least regained his former vigour. Indeed, the brush with the Blights outside the stadium had been almost rejuvenating, if disturbing. At the same time, however, it gave him greater cause to worry about the state of Pebbleton.

Of course, that entailed his flatmates as well.

The landlady was less of an issue, since she was always at home at night - for a young woman, she didn't get out much, although it probably came with the territory. Randall took advantage of his sick leave (apparently Ms. Herston had been willing to grant him an extension before he resumed night duties) to assist her when she did have to leave the house, but even that didn't amount to more than one trip a day.

The twins, of course, were a different matter. Randall had managed to persuade Noa to stay away from the stadium, after a fashion, but he couldn't help but worry for them: they still spent more than half of their time out of the house. Obviously, he had no real idea if Blights could even affect normal humans, but from what he knew of Ether and Blights in general, they might curse them, haunt them or even possess them.

"Heh, I guess it's always hard to separate the myth from the truth," he had told himself, looking away from the small online repository on the library computer.

Watching and checking up on his flatmates wasn't something new to him, of course. It was something he'd planned to do even before the Train Incident (how else would he know who needed help?). Now that things had been put in perspective, though, safeguarding them seemed to be even more of an imperative.

Which was why when he heard the main door click shut, he found himself instantly awake.

"... What's the time...?" Half-awake, Randall's fingers groped for the digital clock placed on his bedside. The bright red numbers screamed "0110"; not exactly standard operating hours for any decent girl.

In a heartbeat he was up, cautiously opening the door to his room to notice, almost instinctively, that two pairs of shoes were missing from the open shoe rack by the entrance of the house.

"... It couldn't be..." but they hadn't been there a few hours ago.

In another minute, Randall was dressed (albeit hurriedly) and out the door. Looking left and right, he thought he could hear footsteps in the distance, but that was no real lead. He couldn't recognize their Ether; only Crossers actually left enough of a signature that he could get a good feel for it, so there was to be no help there.

"... Seriously? At this time?"

Randall returned to the house to check for sure. The girls' room was predictably locked, but Randall decided to abuse his status just once and use the spare keys to unlock their door.


The door swung forward a few inches before getting caught again. Predictably, there was a second latch on the inside of the door which the girls had locked. The small gap he'd made, however, was enough to prove to him that at least Noa was no longer in her bed.

Randall was curious, and now he was curiouser still. There was something about the two of them besides their striking looks and mysterious background that was out-of-the-ordinary, even by Pebbleton standards (and there certainly were all kinds of weirdos out there). What Randall wasn't sure about was what.

But he certainly wasn't going to get information standing where he was. Making up his mind, Randall grabbed his bag and stepped out the door.


What greeted him, however, was something he'd not expected to see after their last encounter in Pedo's apartment - Randall was at a loss to remember the man's name now.

"Ah... it's you..." he had to admit to himself that he couldn't remember the Stray's name any better than her Crosser's.

"Ah, Mister Randall!" The Stray's countenance seemed to change at the sight of a familiar face. "Ahh... Do you live here?"

Randall nodded, unsure of what to say. What was this Stray doing out on the street at such a late hour? So he asked.

Sophia's expression darkened again, reminded as she was of her predicament. "Uuuu... I... I'm lost..." She seemed almost embarrassed about it. Randall understood how she must have felt, but...

"Couldn't you just sense where your Crosser is and follow that?"

"Mmm... Sophia

So that's her name, right.

"tries, but... Mister Martin

And his.

"is hard to track when he isn't very close by." Sophia the Stray seemed melancholy again, and more than likely to break into tears if she was left to wallow around in her own incompetence any more.

"There, it's not your fault," Randall tried his best to comfort the Stray. Though technically, perhaps it really wasn't her fault. Randall realized now he didn't remember actually seeing Martin's Ether except when he had used it, either. "I'll help you find your way home, kay?"

Sophia's eyes lit up. "Uwa, really?"

"Uh huh." Randall nodded. "I didn't really have anything else to do, anyway." While speaking, he cast his gaze out across the street for any last sign of Noa or Tethys. Nope. "And you certainly look like you need help," he continued, lacing his palm with Ether and patting the Stray's head absentmindedly.

Sophia's eyes now seemed to be swimming with gratitude. "Really? Uwaaa... Sophia is really grateful!"

Randall smiled. It'd been a while since he'd seen such honest sincerity. Most of the odd jobs he'd done of late had been financially motivated, though through no fault of his own. Finding someone unselfish who needed his help was something of an event in itself for Pebbleton.

"Actually, Martin's house isn't all that far away. It's just behind all these other buildings." Randall pointed them out to Sophia as the two of them walked. Out of the corner of his eye, Randall caught a movement. Tethys?

He froze for a moment. Another Blight was watching them. Watching Sophia, to be precise. The instant he turned towards it, though, it seemed to slink back into the shadows of the warehouse. But he could still feel it there. Watching.

"Mister Randall? Was that..."

Randall shrugged. "Probably nothing to worry about. Come on."

Randall quickened his steps a bit; he had been walking relatively slowly to account for Sophia's size, but he now realized that floating Strays didn't really have any trouble catching up to walking Crossers.

"You shouldn't be out here anyway," Randall lectured, partly to keep himself calm and also to draw attention away from the few Blights which seemed to stalk them. "It's not safe for little Strays like you."

The Stray seemed to be well-aware of the fact, and stared sheepishly at her undulating dress as she floated beside him. "I know, but I couldn't sleep..."

They were approaching Block 43. Sophia, at least, seemed to recognize the place at last. She sped towards the comforting bright lights of the lobby, Randall just a moment behind.

"Hau... so it was here all along?"

"Mmhmm. Now remember this, so you won't get lost again." Randall pressed the button to call the elevator car, then turned to the errant Stray. "And stay with your Crosser next time!"

"Uuuu... Mister Martin..." She started to answer, but then seemed to think better of it. Fortunately, the elevator dinged open at just the right moment.

"Ah, thanks again, Mister Randall!"

Smiling, Randall said his goodbye, telling Sophia to drop by if she needed help with anything. The Stray earnestly nodded and waved goodbye as the elevator doors closed.

"There sure seem to be a lot of young girls lost tonight," Randall sighed to himself. "I wonder where the other two are..."

He resolved to wait in the living room for them to return. If Blights were hanging around even across the street, he owed it to himself as much as them to ensure their safety. With what little power he had, his prospects were certainly gloomy.

Then he remembered Sophia's sincere smile. At least some good came out of the day, he reminded himself as he trudged back to his apartment, a slight smile of his own on his face.
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Re: Lamentable Nights: The RP

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Date: 4th June, Friday
Time: Night
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Location: Fukami Mansion
PCs: Threads

From the Black Book, Entry #57:

Day 24, and it hasn't gotten easier. You'd think that after three-and-a-half weeks of scouring a small town for clues, you'd get somewhere. Luck, though, hasn't been on my side. Few people seem to even acknowledge my presence, and the few who do don't actually have anything useful to say. And that's if I'm lucky. Otherwise they just try to kill me.

Was it always like this? I don't remember, but I doubt the hundreds of people I see walking about Pebbleton everyday even notice the shades which seem to hunt me. It's like a glass prison, or perhaps a mirror. I can see them; reach out and touch them, even, but this lucidity seems to be one way only.

The only place I can stay now is this mansion. Well, it's safer than the streets; that's where they prowl. Day 1's encounter with them was trying enough, and I only actually escaped because of my scarf.

... That's something - my powers. I may have amnesia, but I haven't forgotten what it's like to be normal, and this definitely isn't it. Can normal people see the feelings others invest into objects? Emotional blackmail would be a cinch if that were the case.

It's not. QED.

And can normal people use flashy magics with such objects? I didn't think so. I've been writing down a summary of all the abilities I can use; it's on the back cover of this book. Is it perverted that it all involves clothes? I mean, using someone's rifle to save yourself from a wild animal is probably justified, even if you didn't ask them first, but wearing their pants?

Seriously? It's not even like one of those games hmm. Something else I remember? I'll put that in the Leads section that you play, this is just wrong. No one can see me, so I can't ask them for clothes they treasure; not that they'd just hand them over. What makes it so hard is needing items which mean something to people. I still have a conscience, so I've been trying to return those items I'm done with.

... Easier said than done when you spend your life constantly on the run from things you can't even explain. Note: remember to note down addresses of places I steal from next time.

Well. It's not as easy as that. Apparently all these superpowers come with restrictions; I can't enter other people's houses unless they open the doors themselves. This isn't the first time I've thought I might be in someone's game; if I am, then I guess I just broke the fourth wall. Say hi to reality for me, because something's definitely unreal about this place.

The few other people that visit this big place call it Fukami Mansion. Much of the place looks burned down and pretty much ready to be condemned. We're all trespassers here, them and I both. It's huge, and I've been around it in the day. At night, though? I keep to my small room in the East Wing; rather than walk through the whole creepy house, I just enter through the broken window. It's got everything I need.

I'm actually a little afraid, I guess. Everything I need? All I seem to have needed for three weeks was a place to hide from the shades. No food, no water; nothing has passed my lips but for the few words I whisper to myself to remind myself I'm real. It's creepy, but I'll work this out somehow. Maybe tomorrow, when the sun shines through this very window and drowns out the shadows which prey on me.

I just wish I could sleep.