Confessions of a Shadow-Bustaholic

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Confessions of a Shadow-Bustaholic

Post by Pictor » Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:14 pm

[Voice Recognition Complete.]

[User: Hindfell, Lanette.]

[Accessing: Audio Logs]

[Records Loaded. Please select an entry or option.]

[Initiating full-timeline replay...]

Feb. 7th, 20XX - 8:24 PM

Test. Test - Test - Test. Bwaaaaaah~!


Feb. 7th, 20XX - 8:25 PM

-Kay here we go, this should... 'Active Playback'? Uh... hello? Hello, hell- Oh nngh... does my voice really sound like that?


Feb. 7th, 20XX - 8:27 PM

Day Zero.

Alright. This is Lan- uh, the Shadow Buster's adventuring audio logs! From now on I'll be recording a whole bunch of exciting stuff! Starting with this one.

Anyway, tonight's the night! Tonight's when I'm really gonna do it! I'm going to run away from this place. For real, I'm not kidding around this time! Everything's all set up. They'll never know what hit 'em!

Wish me luck! SB over and out.


Feb. 7th, 20XX - 10:32 PM

Day Zero. A-Again.

Um, I'm recording again on the same night. But it's an important night so it doesn't matter!

Something went wrong. Or right, I'm not sure! It looks like there's been an accident or something down in father's labs, but I didn't plant any distractions there... I'm not even allowed in unless it's for enomena training! Lucky coincidence, I guess...

Everyone's scrambling about, but I've been told to stay put in my room for 'safety'. He he, like that's going to happen! This is even better than I thought! I'll use the chaos to-

[Young Miss! It's me, Ms. Chien! Lin has sent me to make sure...]

Uh, oh! Gotta go! SB over and out!


Feb. 8th, 20XX - 1:32 AM

*Huff huff huff huff huff...*

O-Okay. Hah. I think I...

... Yes, the coast looks clear.


Day Ze- Oh, wait. It's past midnight.

Day One!

I'm still... *huff* struggling to catch my breath. But... I did it! YES! Uhm, gotta keep it quiet though! They totally freaked out when they noticed I was missing and- Ngh!



Hah... f-false alarm. Yea, they sent a whole bunch of people to look for me before I even made it out of the courtyard! Luckily I didn't run into Lin... that would have ended me. In more ways than one! But I did it! I'm out! Really out! Ooooh, I can't wait to-


... Uh, maybe I'll sit it out for a few more.


Feb. 8th, 20XX - 9:05 PM

Day One still. Er, second log.

Dangit! I forgot my bank card! I thought that I put it in my pack, but I guess I really forgot... Urgh... this sucks. I-It might be for the better though. If I used it, they might be able to track me through my purchases. Using hard cash is still the best way to go, and I think I've prepared enough of that to last.

Er, in other news, I bought something today! A drink from a public vending machine! Cool! Maybe tomorrow I'll try a convenience store. O-Or a fast food place sounds cool, too!

SB over and out!


Feb. 9th, 20XX - 8:16 PM

Day Two.

I checked into a hotel because it got cold. I'm not staying out another night. The lady at the desk gave me weird looks and almost put me on the spot. But when I played it cool and offered to pony up, it went alright.

I heard one of the maids say once... "money makes the world go around". Er... I guess that might be true...

Aside from that nothing really new to report. Oh, wait! I bought a hotdog from a street vendor earlier. Hahaha, it's really just like on TV! It was pretty good, too!

SB over and out.

Feb. 10th, 20XX - 9:20 PM

Hey! I'm-!

-Oh, shoot! I mean... Day Three!

And uh... I'm back at the hotel again. The lady at the front desk recognized me from last night and we chatted a bit. She seemed nice, but she kept trying to ask me if I'm alone. I guess kids my age don't usually check into hotel rooms by themselves.

Obviously I didn't tell her.

Oh, but that's not important! Today I helped out an old man! It was in a grocery store! I went in to see what it was like, and wow... those things are much bigger than they look from outside!

Anyway, suddenly a bunch of thugs came in and held up the place! And I beat them all up and saved everyone!

Hehehe... just kidding. Actually, I just helped the old guy get something he couldn't reach.

It felt good though. Really good! I got a little embarrassed when he thanked me. Hehehe, he called me "little lady!" Sounds like something from a movie! Back at the mansion, people always did stuff for me. I wonder if they felt the same way I did helping the old man. Meh, probably not, huh? I guess this is what you'd call being a good Samaritan.

Er, anyway.... I've been looking out for anyone from the estate, but there's nothing yet. I won't count myself in the clear though, and I still don't think I should stay in one place for too long. I think I might move on after this. Gotta work for my freedom! Hehehe...

SB over and out.


Feb. 12th, 20XX - 6:48 PM

Day Five.

Hey. It's me again.

I missed out on yesterday's recording. Oh well, I don't think I really need to do one for every single day anyway. I left the hotel I stayed at before, like I planned.

Good thing, too. I almost got caught. They didn't see me, but I saw them... the agents from the estate. I had to pop Use Master to get away. It's the first time I had to rely on Grand Messer since the night I ran away. I made sure no civilians saw me. At least, I hope nobody saw me...

[Hey kid! Mind keeping it down?! Tryin' to nap here!]


Oops..! Yea, I'm kind of on a cross-city bus right now! I figured it would be better if I hopped town completely. Uh, I probably shouldn't be recording this here at all...

So yea. SB over and out!


Feb. 14th, 20XX - 8:30 PM

Day Seven.

It's been a week since I ran away from home!

Er, let's see... since the last recording I've... arrived at another city. It's a much busier place than my home town! Also... much, much bigger! The road maps were hard to read at first, but I got the hang of it.

Oh, I also checked into another hotel. The person at the desk didn't ask any questions at all this time. I haven't run into anymore people from the estate since my last recording either. I think I'm good to stay for awhile.

What else...

... Oh. I was watching TV last night and there was a news broadcast with a missing persons report. When it came up I almost had a heart attack! ... But it wasn't for me. Some lady named Seraphina. She looked pretty, I hope they find her.

Would father even bother to put out that kind of a report for me...? Knowing Lin, she probably wouldn't do that kind of stuff.

... I think I might be a bit happy if he did.


Feb. 15th, 20XX - 11:19 PM

Day Eight.

Oh man! Oh man, oh man! I'm so pumped I can't even think properly right now! Okay, okay. Hoooo...

Guess what? I stopped a crime today! Yea, a real crime! I was walking around, you know, minding my own business, and suddenly this guy ran past me and almost knocked me over!

And I was like, "What the heck?!"

And then then this guy ran out and was like "H-Hey! That guy stole my suitcase!"

And some other guy tried to grab him, but the other dude was fast! And he ran into an alleyway! So like, I knew I had to do something right? This was something only the Shadow Buster can stop!

But I didn't have my costume! Except the scarf! Because I always have that with me in my pack! So I just put that on instead!


*Inaudible rambling*

-- Like... "Hold it right, there!", just like that and--

*High pitched static*

-- BAM! Leg sweep! I didn't even have to--

*Incoherent yelling*

-- Haaah!

*Whumpf! Collapsing into bedsheets*

And then the rest, as they say, is history! Of course, I got out of there before the cops could arrive. Hmmm... I wonder if I should leave a calling card or something next time? Like "... Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Shadow Buster". Or maybe I should just let the rumors perpetuate by themselves? Hmm, but then I wouldn't be able to call the name "Shadow Buster"! What if the public gives me a stupid name? That'd really be--

[Session terminated due to low battery.]


Feb. 18th, 20XX - 2:46 PM

Day Eleven.

I was spotted by someone from the estate yesterday.

At least, I think I was. He was already coming my way before I noticed him. But I don't know if it was because he was already heading in my direction or if it was because he saw me.

Either way, I ducked between some buildings and popped Use Master to get away. Just in case. I'm gonna catch a train to the next town over later today. I don't think I'll make anymore recordings until I get my bearings down.

SB over and out.


Feb. 21th, 20XX - 10:46 PM

*Quiet sobbing*



*Sniff* Day F-Four...

I-I... *hic* Oh... *sniff* ouch... damn it...

*Clatter of recording device falling to the ground*


Feb. 21th, 20XX - 10:55 PM

D-Day Fourteen... *sniff*

I-I'm in a park right now... a-and... tch... ow.... *Sniff*

Uh... I... ran into a blight. A real blight. I actually- *Sniff* -actually think it was a Stray-blight. It had to be. It was way too strong t-to be a normal blight.


... *Sniff*


... It was really, really scary. The way it... screamed and thrashed around and... just ran at me like... like I was nothing. Just food. I was just food to it. It was *sob* n-nothing like the textbooks or simulations or-

Ngh..! Sssst... ow...

... It cut me up. On my left arm. I was bleeding, but I patched it...

I-If I hadn't.... *Sniff* If I hadn't sensed it right on time, I don't think I'd be here right now.

... I think... I wanna go home...

I'm gonna... go...


Feb. 22nd, 20XX - 11:03 AM

Day Fifteen.

This is Shadow Buster, reporting in.

Last night, at around nine-thirty PM, I encountered a blight. The creature was around one-hundred and eighty to one-hundred and ninety centimetres tall. Distinct features included a figure resembling a lean human male, long ears and...

*soft inhale, exhale*

... A white, mask-like...uh, t-thing for a face. The mask had two blade-like structures fanning out from the sides. Its eyes and mouth were dark and hollow... like there was nothing beneath the mask.

Subject attacked me without warning while I was out on... uh... a walk. I was able to detect it with my Crosser senses at the last moment, and activated Grand Messer to defend myself. Even with Use Master, the subject proved to be a formidable foe. Due to its power and the fact that it was able to easily damage physical terrain, I can only conclude that the subject was in fact a Stray-blight.

Although it was a fierce opponent, I was able to succeed in the complete kicking of the subject's butt. Its weakness seems to be the mask itself, as the subject scurried away like a pathetic coward after I managed to deck it across the face with a well-aimed Shadow Busting Fist.

After that I definitely did not proceed to cry.

A-Anyway, the subject had escaped my wrath, and is still at large. A Stray-blight that powerful cannot be left alone. I, the Shadow Buster, shall track this monstrosity down and vanquish it in the name of justice!

SB over and out.

D-Darnit, how on earth do you delete previous entries on this thing?!


Feb. 24th, 20XX - 9:28 PM

Day Seventeen.

I spent the last two days tracking the Stray-blight. Getting a read on a blight's signatures is much harder than I thought. Harder than reading a Crosser or a Stray, anyway. I didn't fight it for that long and... uh, I was actually panicking a bit at the time, so things were kind of a blur.

Anyway, it took awhile but I think I finally have a lock on it. I used the ether traces on the wound it gave me! Pretty awesome, huh? It's totally like a plot development in a comic book! Wicked! Hahaha! Oh... I hope it doesn't get infected or anything, though. That would... suck.

You know, looking back, it was scary beyond belief but... at the same time it was kind of thrilling.

Weird... I'm actually feeling excited. I can't wait to hunt that monster down.

... And make it pay.

Tch. Nobody makes a fool out of Lanette Hindfell and gets away with it.

SB over and out.


Feb. 25th, 20XX - 6:02 PM

Day Eighteen.

I found it. It was tough, but I finally managed to track it down. It was hiding out in a junkyard at the edge of town.

I didn't want to fight it in someplace as dangerous as the scrap heaps, so I'd planned to get its attention and lure it out into the back lot, which was more empty. So I called it out, right? I was like "Hey! Blight! Remember me?!"

And it talked.

Like... it responded to me.

"W-What do you want?!" Was what it said.

Its voice was all weird and warbly. Like someone talking through a tube or something. But it was the voice of a young guy.

I was so surprised that I didn't know what to say next! Er... and then it got away while I was distracted.

... Can blights talk? Maybe...


No. I don't know what kind of a trick that was. Maybe it's a blight that can mimic humans or something. You can fool people with a voice, but ether signatures never lie. It's definitely a blight, there's no doubt. The same blight that attacked me.

And the same blight that's not going to get away again.

SB over and out.


[Full-timeline replay stopped.]

[Skipping entries...]


May 31st, 20XX - 8:44 AM

Day One-Hundred and Fifteen.

I've arrived at a place called Pebbleton. It's a coastal town, so it's by the sea!

... It also means there's no place left for the arch-villain to run.

Hah. It's no use for him to hide. Where ever he is, I'll track him down. I always do.

Shadow Buster signing out.


June 1st, 20XX - 9:30 AM

Day One-Hundred and Sixteen.

I've received a notice addressed to all Crossers in the area. Looks like this place has some sort of information network. Probably an info dealer around, too. Might be useful to look into that later.

The notice was an alert for a blight threat. From the description, it's not the same blight as the arch-villain.

This one seems to be a more immediate threat, though. I'm going to take care of it. A target like this is sure to rake in a few bucks.

... My wallet's starving as much as I am...

Shadow Buster signing out.


June 1st, 20XX - 11:30 PM

Day One-Hundred and Sixteen. ... second entry.


... What a cruddy day.

I-I can't believe... I don't even...

... He's not a...? But that can't be! All this time, his ether signatures...

B-But he bonded?! With some pretty older girl, too! What...?!

I... I need to...

... I need to go to bed.


[Playback stopped.]

[Skipping entries...]


June 6th, 20XX - 9:32 AM

Day... Tch. Whatever. I don't care anymore.

Lin showed up last night, after I woke up at Mirto's place. She finally found me. Hopefully she doesn't catch me recording this. She might confiscate this thing if she finds out.

She didn't say anything yet, but it doesn't take a genius to know that she's gonna take me back to the estate. Obviously.

... But she'll have to do it with me kicking and screaming. I'm not going back.

Not now. Not while things are like this.

Mirto looked so upset... and I don't feel any better either.

Tch. Jerk. You'd better be alive.

... You survived me for months.

You have to be alive. Please...


June 9th, 20XX - 2:10 AM

... A bunch of things happened today.

Uhm, first of all I got into a nasty fight with Lin. I was able to get away from her after that goatee guy showed up again. Why does he keep popping up like that?

Oh well. Not like he's a bad guy or anything.

I still feel really bad about some of the things I've said to Lin, though....

Oh, but we made up afterwards! So it's okay! We hugged for the first time in a while! Hehehe... I knew she still had a soft spot for that kind of stuff!

Oh. Yea.

I found Jacket, too. Out at the shipping yard.


N-Not like I was surprised or glad or anything. I knew he was okay all along! That head of his is far too thick for anything to kill him.


F-Fine, I was just a little relieved. But then he started acting like a moron.

Like... Uuuugh...!! What an idiot!!

I made sure he learned his lesson. Man, did that feel good.

But, uh, I think I might have beat him up a little bit too badly. He seems okay now, though. So... no worries?

... Tch.



Making Mirto worry.

... Makin' me worry...

Oh yea, speaking of that idiot, Lin actually knew some stuff about him.

She told me. And...

... Hnnggg....! It's... so... wicked!

Ahhhhh.... I don't think I should be recording something like that down, though. Just in case.

Hah. Anyway, I've got plans for Jacket. Awesome plans. He's not getting off so lightly. Operation Training Arc will commence right awa-

[Young Miss? Have you not gone to sleep yet?]

Oh shoot! Uh, that's it for now! Lanette signing out!


June 9th, 20XX - 10:23 PM

I talked some sense in Jacket. But I knew it was going to work out. He's an idiot, but not a quitter. I'd know. I chased him halfway across the country.

It was really, really foggy today. After Lin and Jacket left I went for a walk, but I couldn't see where I was going at all and almost got lost! I went into a convenience store to ask for directions... but the guy there was kind of a creep so I just left. But then I met up with the goatee guy again! Where does this guy come from?!

Apparently he spent the whole morning bouncing around town with some new-found enomena of his. Er, at first I thought about scolding him, but then I realized I'd just be hypocrite. I mean, it is pretty thrilling. I treated him to lunch to pay him back, and then we chatted a bit.

He asked a bunch of question about the incident at the cliff. I answered as best as I could, but I don't really remember much. After all.... I sort of got knocked out early on. Ugh.

Anyway, when Lin got back and saw him, she almost tried to kill him. He did tell her off last time. Er, but it turned out alright. I think. She's still kind of miffed but she's... well she's Lin, so she'll get over it. The goatee guy stayed outside to talk to Jacket of all people. I didn't know they knew each other!

All in all, the first day of Operation Training Arc was a success!

Hehehe... Jacket will be black and blue for weeks! Uh, more than he usually is, I mean. Hah. Serves him right for being such a senseless moron.

... He still refuses to go and see Mirto though. Jerk. But I'll get through to him. Eventually.

I also finally got him to tell us what happened to him during the days he went missing.

Apparently the guy almost became a blight?! I mean, not the fake blight I thought he was before, but like, a real one! What the crap!

Well, he's obviously okay now, but...

If only I'd started looking for him sooner...

Uhm! I-It gave me some ideas to Operation Training Arc, though!

Tch. Actually, I think I'll let Lin rough him up for just one more day. At least, until I get all my homework done.

Ungh... just seeing all of these textbooks makes me want to throw up...


June 10th, 20XX - 10:23 PM

It's two day before the big Pebbleton festival! I'm suuuuper excited! I can't wait! I wonder what it'll be like? I heard there's gonna be some Japanesey stuff! Is it gonna be like the festivals in anime? I wonder if Lin will let me dress up in something fancy!

Speaking of Lin, her sessions with Jacket have been going well. He's not dead yet, so that's a plus. She also tells me that Jacket's been improving a bit.

Lin was pretty wary of him at first, even though I kept telling her he's alright. Lately though, she's been loosening up. She tries not to show it, but I can tell~!

Huuu~ But if she keeps up that act all the time, she'll never get a boyfriend!


A-As for Jacket... I was actually kind of surprised that he made some progress in such a short time. Should I continue to keep him as a punching bag? Maybe go a few rounds with him myself!

Hehehe... I'm just kidding. I've got it all planned out, anyway. If everything goes like I figured, we'll get to see some pretty cool stuff soon!

Er... what else? Oh ye-

*Door Opens*

[Yo. Uh-]

H-Hey! What the heck are you doing?! Knock before you come in!

[Oh, whoops. Sorry. Uh, yea. I was just gonna say I'm heading out for a bit. To, uh, get some fresh air.]

Huh? Oh. Fine. Don't get spotted.

[Psh. I don't need you to tell m- Eh? What's that?]


[That thing. In your hand.]

Oh, this?

*Chair Turning*

I-It's nothing. Nothing important. Ah ha... haha...

[Okay. Now I know for sure it's something interesting. Let's see!]

What? No! I told you- Ack!

[Ha ha ha! What is it? A cell phone? You talkin' to someone special? Yo! You, on the other end of the phone! Watch out, this girl's a psycho!]



June 11th, 20XX - 5:47 PM

Today we went into the next phase of Operation Training Arc.

It started out well! I got to use those novelty glasses of mine!

Er, but it might have went a little too well.


... I don't think we'll be able to use that place to train anymore. Unless... I can somehow figure out a way to glue an overpass back together...


[Final entry reached.]

[Playback stopped.]
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